Best Plasma Lighters

Plasma Lighters were born after thousands of hours of designing, engineering and prototyping. In comparison to the conventional lighter, plasma lighters are eco-friendly. Plasma lighters have a rechargeable battery and an improved electric output. The outer body of the plasma lighter is slim, sleek and stylish. The outer case of the plasma lighter is unbreakable and durable. The special feature of the plasma lighter is its butane free ignition. When you push the ignition, an electric current flows between four nodes placed strategically. The air between the nodes is ionized producing a beam which provides you with many degrees of heat.

Plasma lighters have a versatile use, they are suitable for both outdoors and indoors use. The electron beam is fully safe as it is flameless. The electron beam of the plasma lighter doesn’t blow out in windiest conditions. Plasma lighters are always windproof. Plasma lighters are suitable to light any material like candles, cigarettes, matchsticks or incense. The battery of the plasma lighter can fully charge up within an hour using the cord of any USB port. After full charging, it can provide you with up to a thousand lights. Both disposable and refillable lighters are expensive, but the plasma lighters can save your buck.

What are Plasma Lighters?

Things to consider when buying plasma lighters

Choose the online store that offers a maximum discount off the original price of your favourite plasma lighter. While shopping online buy the ones that offer a special deal and limited lifetime warranty.

  • Super safe:

Remember to buy the plasma lighter which is quality tested and approved by licensed professionals. Your plasma lighter must be completely safe and flameless. The beam heat should not burn your finger. Plasma lighters have a lid, which protects you against unnecessary ignition. The arc light never works when the lid is closed.  Buy the Plasma lighter that has additional protection against short circuit, high voltage, overheating and waterproofing prevent leakage due to its ergonomic design.

For safety reasons, keep your plasma lighter out of the reach of your children and pets. Property Insurance is always safe and preferable.

  • Stylish:

Buy the plasma lighter that is lightweight and easy to handle. Choose the one with a shiny, smooth, silky, sleek and super slim outer body. Choose the plasma lighter that has unbreakable and crack proof construction. If you dislike the smell of the flame from your conventional disposable lighter, plasma lighters will please you, as they work without spark and smell. Plasma lighters that feature a 360° flexible long neck which can be bent, shaped, twisted or angled in any suitable direction as you need it. The long neck helps you to light a stove, a grill or a candle from a distance easily and safely without the fear of burning the back of your hand. You will have to just touch the switch for seven seconds, to ignite automatically.

  • Eco-friendly:

Buy the plasma lighter that is butane free and doesn’t pollute the air. There are two types of plasma lighters: single arc and dual arc, both types of plasma lighters are eco-friendly. Single arc plasma lighters emit only one bolt of plasma, while dual arc plasma lighters emit two bolts of plasma. Disposable lighters are made up of plastics which increase land pollution. The use of plasma lighters also saves our planet against the pollution, which was the biggest disadvantage of disposable and refillable lighters. In the age of awareness, to protect the earth by reducing, reuse and recycle method, plasma lighters are the best thing that you should switch on to at once.

  • Money back guarantee:

Always select such a plasma lighter that offers you with at least 30 days money back guarantee. If you invest your buck in any product which fails you satisfy you, you must have an option of a full refund.

  • Best performance:

Choose the plasma lighter that has a powerful lithium-ion battery. The battery of your plasma lighter must be easily rechargeable using the cord of any USB port. Select the plasma lighter whose battery can charge at least a thousand times, so that it can replace at least a thousand disposable or refillable lighters. It is a handsome amount you can save on your wallet.

To remind you to charge your plasma lighter in time, choose the one that has LED Power display. The fingerprint ignition switch is better than 1&2 generation lighters.

Choose such a plasma lighter which is whisper quiet and noiseless. Most of the latest plasma lighters available in the market today are lightweight, they are easy to use and absolutely portable. Whether you are planning a bonfire during camping or a grill at the weekend, plasma lighter is the most helpful accessory to add fun and pleasure to your holiday.

  • Weatherproof:

Choose such a plasma lighter that is windproof and doesn’t blow out in windiest of conditions. Whether you are lighting your cigarette on a windy beach or indoors under a high fat, your plasma lighter must light at once. Buy the plasma lighter whose outer case is weatherproof and immune to extreme temperatures, to prevent the plasma lighter from exploding in any weather conditions. Buy the plasma lighter which is also moisture proof, so that you can light even in rainy weather.

  • Delivery:

Choose such an online store which facilitates you with free home delivery. Buy the plasma lighter that offers free worldwide shipping. While shopping online from an international store, place the order at least 7 working days before you are expecting to use your amazing plasma lighter. For convenient receiving your area zip code must be accurate.

Safety precautions

  • The child-resistant lock must be applied after use.
  • Though your plasma lighter is waterproof, never let it soak in water for a longer time period to prevent it from rusting.
  • Never smoke a cigarette in the presence of your children, to prevent harms of passive smoking.
  • Always place the lid on at once after using your plasma lighter.
  • Remember to charge the plasma lighter daily or when necessary.


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