Best Acupressure Slippers

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese therapy. This traditional Chinese medical theory describes special acupressure points that lie along the meridians or channels in your body. It is believed that through these invisible meridians or channels flows a vital energy or life force called chi. Pressure is applied to these points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians. Meridians begin at your fingertips and connect to your brain, these twelve meridians connect your specific organs forming a network in your body. The goal of acupressure slippers is to restore health and balance to the body’s channels of energy and to regulate opposing forces of negative and positive energy (yin and yang).

Acupressure slippers stimulate endorphins which are natural pain relievers. Acupressure Slippers offer improved circulation and quick recovery for over-stressed feet. They have the capability to rejuvenate your strained muscles at once.  Acupressure Slippers can also reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches, by fighting depression. When you have the flu, your head is congested. Acupressure Slippers help open foot vessels and stimulate nerve endings, relieving discomfort from a cold. Acupressure Slippers improve the immunity too. These slippers accelerate the process of metabolism. These slippers promote sleep and reduce the chance of sleeplessness. Acupressure Slippers alleviate backaches, shoulder pain and neck fatigue. Foot care helps in removing toxins from kidney, liver and fat cells. Elimination of toxins helps in weight loss. Foot care prevents bacteria from settling into blisters and removes Toenail Fungus. Acupressure Slippers brings the body back into its natural equilibrium which promotes the body’s natural healing power.

Acupressure slippers are helpful in curing restless leg syndrome. They circulate blood to all nerve endings, making the legs flexible and healthy and preventing heart diseases. These slippers are also helpful to patients suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), its main symptoms are numbness, tingling and pain in the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Acupressure slippers help in reducing pain and swelling in the ankles. These magical slippers can cure edema, which is an abnormal accumulation of fluid under the skin of legs and ankles. Acupressure slippers promote the growth of body height in teenagers and they can also prolong the life of the elderly.

Some of the benefits of the acupressure slippers are specific to female health: they help the young women to get rid of premenstrual symptoms of headaches and migraines. They also regulate the functioning of the endocrine gland. They also have an additional advantage of expelling toxins from the skin and beautifying it. Some of the benefits of the acupressure slippers are specific to the elderly female health: acupressure slippers heal knee aches and hot flashes which are symptoms of menopause. Acupressure slippers heal chronic pain after surgery and during spinal anaesthesia.  Acupressure slippers heal post-chemotherapy discomfort. These slippers promote anti-inflammatory enzymes which help with the cure of arthritis. If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, spinal injury or cancer of bones you should use only acupressure slippers. Acupressure slippers are very helpful for the feet of diabetic patients. If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia or have Circulatory issues like varicose veins and even Plantar fasciitis, acupressure slippers will help you recover soon.

Advantages of Acupressure Slippers

Things to consider when buying acupressure slippers

Whenever you go shopping you try to find the most comfortable and durable product to buy. There are thousands of brands and each promises to benefit you more than the other. Don’t be confused simply keep the following things in mind when buying acupressure slippers.

  • Bacteria-free:

Choose the acupressure slippers that are featured with antimicrobial agent which counteracts any foot odour. Select the ones with Easy slip on/ slip off style. Choose the acupressure slippers that have magnetic massage moxibustion active material.   It causes your acupressure slippers to have efficacies of deodorization and antiseptic.

  • Cobblestones:

Choose the acupressure slippers that have at least eight real Jade stone for health chi therapy. Select the ones that give mini shiatsu treatment through the specially positioned 100% natural cobblestones that apply pressure points on the sole of your feet. Only ten to twenty minutes use of acupressure slippers per day can give you all the benefits you deserve. Select the feather-light acupressure massaging slippers that have strategically placed nodules that massage and stimulate acupressure points with every step. If you have zero pain tolerance, then select the acupressure slippers with soft bottom silicon massage column. Acupressure slippers with detachable magnets are also preferable, you can install the magnets yourself when you need them.

  • Eco-friendly:

Choose the acupressure slippers that are made up of biodegradable plastics to keep your environment pollution free. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is the best form of biodegradable plastics. EVA is flexible and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It is lightweight and has good clarity. EVA has enhanced biodegradability and shortens the time plastics that have been disposed of remain in landfills. Acupressure slippers made up of EVA are more durable than other plastic or rubber slippers.

  • Non-slip:

Choose the acupressure slippers that have non-slip safety soles. Choose the one with the Waterproof sole and upper to make it the perfect shoe for outdoors and indoors. Select the acupressure slippers with magic paste design, which freely adjusts the size of the slippers according to the size of your foot.

  • Rotatable massage points:

Choose the acupressure slippers that have 180° degrees or 360°  degrees rotating spring massage buttons. You can also select from a wide range of acupressure slippers that can give you soft and rotate massage at the same time. Up and down movement and the rotation combined can relax your strained feet and entire body.

Precautionary Advice:

  • Do not use your acupressure slippers within half an hour after taking the meal.
  • While you are a regular user of your acupressure slippers, you must drink plenty of water.
  • Never put on your acupressure slippers for more than 5 minutes in your first week of use.
  • Use a thick pair of socks, at the beginning of the use, and gradually reduce the thickness.


Top 20 Best Rated Acupressure Slippers


BYRIVER Acupressure Plantar Fasciitis Foot Massager Mindinsole, Jade Stone Indoor Massage Slippers Shoes, Reflexology Sandals for Men Women
  • RELIEF: Designed to soothe foot/ heel pain & tension due to arthritis, neuropathy and other ailments. Great healthcare gift for your family, friends.
  • RELAX: Refreshes tired, sore, plantar fasciitis feet. Promotes better blood flow to enhance overall health.
  • CONVENIENT: Enjoy a professional foot massage by simple walking. You may feel painful for first several times use if you have a tight foot, add socks and shorten the wearing time will help you feel better.
  • QUALITY: All materials conform with RoHS requirement. 100% QC PASSED before packing.
  • SIZE: Considerable strap design to adjust the slippers width. If you are between sizes, take larger one.
Acupressure Massage Slippers with Natural Stone, Therapeutic Reflexology Sandals for Foot Acupoint Massage Shiatsu Arch Pain Relief, Nonslip Anti Bacterial, Fit 9 Women / 7.5 Men Feet Size
  • THE MOST RELAXING THERAPEUTIC NATURAL STONE SANDALS - Our slipper massager women and men utilize 100% natural cobblestones that are carefully positioned to apply acupressure points which have different functions on the sole of your feet, such as relieve stress, promote blood circulation, prevent leg cramps, improve metabolism and immune function and help regulate energy levels.
  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE FOR YOUR FEET - Note: You may feel a little uncomfortable or pain during the first few usages, wear socks and shorten the time usage to help your feet adjust. The pain indicates that the product really works, you will get used to it and start to crave it because they hurt so good! Made of artificial PU sole and EVA materials, our foot reflexology massager is non-slip and safe to wear, an exceedingly innovative alternative to the traditional reflexology sandals.
  • COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE TO COMPLEMENT ANY FOOT SIZE - These feet accupressure comes with effortless-to-adjust velcro straps. You can alter the width of our foot acupressure, ensuring that they comfortably fit your foot size and shape. Not to mention that by doing 15 minutes foot massage = 1 hour slow running.
  • ULTRA HYGIENIC MASSAGE SANDALS FOR MEN AND WOMEN - Say goodbye to those bad odors because our shiatsu foot massage are equipped with an anti-microbial agent which counteracts any foot odor. They can also be easily wiped clean with clean damp cloth.
  • YOUR OWN FOOT SPA ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - Enjoy a mini shiatsu treatment when walking or even standing by wearing our slipper foot massager. Hurry and place your order now while we have an offer of BUY 2 GET 5% OFF and BUY 3 GET 10% OFF!
TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large). Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Stress, Heel, Arch Pain - The Original - Shiatsu Acupressure Relaxation. Full Instructions/Reflexology Chart. Christmas Gift
  • RELIEF: Designed to soothe foot/ heel pain due to plantar fasciitis, neuropathy & other ailments using acupuncture/ acupressure therapy
  • RELAX: Refreshes tired, sore, achy feet. Promotes better blood flow to enhance overall health
  • PORTABLE & VERSATILE: Perfect for feet of all sizes & very portable, weighing only 1.6lbs
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE: Made of high-quality, polished Theaceae wood. Sturdy, stable & solid construction
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Covers defects/ damage. We will replace or refund your purchase if you are not satisfied. Simply contact us via this link:
Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals. 1 Pair. ReflexologySandals. Acu-Shiatsu Sandals (M (Women 8-9))
  • 1 pair of Reflexology Slippers
  • 100's of little rubber points
  • Applies pressure on your feet which releases blocked energy
  • Enjoy a mini shiatsu treatment when walking or even standing
  • Slip on slipper with strap
JOINTUP Women Thiatsu Massage Slippers in Natural Stone for Foot Plantar Tens Acupoints Reflexology Therapy for Health Care (US 6.5, Red)
  • 【Natural Cobblestones】All natural earth stones are carefully selected in different regions of the world
  • 【Medical Functions】Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and immune function, help sleeping, relieve fatigue. 15Minutes Foot Massage = 1 Hour slow Running
  • 【Comfortable】Adjustable strap suitable for fat or thin foot. If you wear it 10 minutes every day, you will get used to it
  • 【Warning】A): Please carefully check our size image to make sure the size match your foot perfectly, B): Please keep it away from water or direct sunlight, 3) You will feeling pain before you get used to it.4)We do not accept return or exchange for reason about color or size
  • 5.5-6.5Inch
  • Red
MineSign Foot Massager Slippers Plantur Arch Pain Massage Adult Unisex Shoes Agate Stone Acupressure Taiji Wooden Shoes for Summer Beach Travel Relax, Black, 6-7
  • US 7 - 9 1/4 to 9 1/2; US 8 - 9 5/8 to 9 3/4; US 9 - 10 to 10 1/8; US 10-11 - 10 1/4 to 10 5/8; US 12 - 11 to 11 1/8
  • Made of Natural Agate Stone + Natural Wood + EVA + PU, durable and non-slip
  • Physical fitness, relieve fatigue slippers are according to the principles of ergonomics
  • Handmade slippers, delicate and high quality; free massager you will get everyday
  • Great gift to your parent, friends, family and massage lover
  • MineSign
  • 7 M US
  • Black
U.S. Jaclean Foot Reflexology Sandals for Mens Womens Therapeutic Acupressure Magnetic Massaging Sandals Slippers Accu Step
  • [Therapeutic] Reflexology segregate the body into ten zones, divided in five areas on each side. All parts and organs are represented in these areas.
  • [Japanese Style] Reflexology Sandals as know as Acupressure sandals were invented to heal your body through your feet in Japan. Our acupuncture massage sandals contain nodules that apply pressure to your feet soles, improving blood circulation, preventing legs cramps, headaches and encourage full body wellness.
  • [Magnetic Therapy] 4 Mangets help improve your blood circulation and reduces muscular aches and pains
  • [Feature] Waterproof & Non-slip soles to make easy for your everyday life. Breathable design prevented to hold moisture inside the sandal.
  • [Caution] sizing skews narrow. These sandals were designed according to Japanese average shoe sizes, and may be on the small/narrow side for average American shoe sizes. We recommend choosing a size larger if you tend to have wider or longer feet.
adidas Originals Men's Adissage Slides,New Navy/New Navy/Running White,10 M
  • Adjustable synthetic bandage upper
  • Ergonomically placed massage nubs on foot-bed
  • Injected eva outsole for lightweight comfort
  • adidas
  • 10 M US
  • New Navy/New Navy/Running White
Aculief- Award Winning Natural Headache and Tension Relief - Wearable Acupressure (Green)
  • AWARD WINNING, DOCTOR APPROVED, NATURAL HEADACHE AND TENSION RELIEF. Aculief provides pressure to the LI4 acupressure point. The LI4 acupressure point is one of the most powerful points on your body and has been used for thousands of years to provide natural relief of headaches, tension and promote your bodies natural energy!
  • INCREASES YOUR ENERGY! Aculief promotes the flow of your body's Natural Energy and reduces Stress and Tension.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Love the results or your money back! We are truly confident that Aculief will provide Relief. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Simply contact our US based Customer Service at 872-228-5383 for an immediate Full Refund!
  • DRUG-FREE, COMFORT AND EASE OF USE. Drug-free, comfortable, and stylish natural pain management acupressure tool. Works fast and no side effects!!
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE. Can be worn anywhere and used over and over. For an active lifestyle. One size fits most. Great for travel, at work, play or any other everyday activities. Stylish, easy to use and carry.
ACM Accu Paduka Spring Sandle Acupressure Spring Action Massage Slippers
  • Accu Paduka Spring Sandle Acupressure Spring Action Massage Slippers
  • Package Includes: 1 Piece
  • SKU: ACM-A-176
  • Brand: ACM
  • Find more Healing Products click on the link "ACM" under the title.
Rotating Acupressure Reflexology Foot Massagers Slippers Foot Health Care Flip Flops Sandals Shoes With Natural Acupuncture Stones Clog Mules for Men Women (Men (6-7)/ Women (7-8.5), Black)
  • Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats you can give yourself. It is based on reflexology. It involves applying focused presure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease.
  • Ergonomic design with red magnetic therapy beads, comfortable fixed Ying Yang knobs or rotate knobs for 70 Acupressure points to effectively stimulate the key acupuncture points in the feet, relieve from strain and pain, it is equal to getting a massage service, providing ultimate comfortable and luxury feel.
  • Functions: Spent only a few cents a day, Save the high medical bills, Promote the blood circulation and cramps of the legs., Improve well-being, Get the health and vigor for yourself and your family. Always stay energetic.
  • Rotating Acupressure Foot Massage Slilppers Sandal Shoes, suitable for both men and women. Available in 2 sizes: US Size Men (6-7)/ Women (7-8.5), and Men (8.5-9)/ Women (10-10.5)
  • Adoption of flexible design enables shoe surface to be adjusted optionally, even for high-instep people. Walk Your Way to Well-Being, the individual little studs press down and twist with your movement, stimulate circulation in the foot. Wonderful design!
  • Apparel
Per Newly Yoga Fitness Massage Slippers Acupressure Foot Massager Acupoint Massage Ball Slippers Shoes Reflexology Sandals for Men and Women
  • Physical health, relieve fatigue: promote blood circulation, regulate the internal functions of the body (such as stomach, spleen, heart, ears, eyes, etc.), clear the channel, make the breath smooth.
  • Adjustable, foot massage, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation.
  • Suitable for massage lovers, the elderly and others: staying up late / working overtime, poor quality of sleep, sedentary staff, muscle aches, poor immunity, obesity.
  • The shoe upper is designed according to the acupuncture points of the human foot, which makes it more fitted and the massage effect is better.
  • Enjoy a professional foot massage by simple walking. You may feel painful for first several times use if you have a tight foot, add socks and shorten the wearing time will help you feel better.
Foot Massage Roller for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Foot Arch Pain Massager Relief. Stress and Relaxation, through Trigger Point Therapy Includes Downloadable E-Book on Reflexology by Natural Chemistree
  • Nubs recreate acupressure effect of deep-tissue massage to aid pain relief from plantar fasciitis. Perfect physical therapy device
  • Massage for tired achy feet. Ergonomically contoured roller for full contact with sole of the foot
  • Keep your socks on for a gentle massage, or go barefoot for an intense massage to treat heel spurs. Can also be used to massage legs, wrist, shoulder and neck
  • Handheld device, take your foot roller to work and on trips in a briefcase or carry-on bag.
  • 1 year satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Buy now RISK FREE
LIPLUS Massage Slippers Foot Massager Shoes Shiatsu Relax Sandals Acupressure Treatment Indoor Shoes, 2 Pairs (Pink, Yellow)
  • Can be assembled reverse. Can be worn both front and back
  • Wearing these massage slippers, you will feel cool and comfortable in summer; and feel warm in winter. Relieve stress at work, and improve your productivity at office
  • Size: Two pairs of different sizes included. Includes 2 pairs of shoes: Pink Size (preferable between 220 - 240mm / US shoe size 5 - 7), Yellow Size (preferable between 240 - 260mm / US shoe size 5 - 7)
  • Material: E.V.A, Lightweight and non-slip
  • Foot Massage slippers are keeping your body health and happy. A perfect gift to your friends and family
Valentine Day Special Present, Wooden Relaxing Acupressure Foot/feet Massager Slippers Khadau Type for Good Health- Reflexology Sandals W-40015 By Affaires
  • Wooden Relaxing Acupressure Foot/feet Massager Slippers
  • It is made of wood, sturdy & easy to operate
  • Gives you a soothing massage in the leg
  • Increases circulation to sore & tight muscles. Speeds up muscle recovery.
  • For reflexology or relieve from strain and pain
Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager + Cozy Heated Foot and Toe Warmer – Get Feet Toasty Warm While Enjoying an Invigorating and Relaxing Massage - Dual Purpose Massager; Use Also for Back, Legs, etc.
  • COZY & WARM - Simply slide your feet into the roomy and oversized pocket to enjoy the cozy and enjoyable warmth on a cold wet day or whenever you feel the need for some extra warmth. Heating can be used by itself, or together with massaging for a combined simultaneous treatment of heating and massaging. Enjoy a relaxing and soothing foot massage in the comfort of your own home or office!
  • DEEP 3D MASSAGING NODES - The Gideon Shiatsu Foot Massager and Warmer features a total of eight (8) deep penetrating massaging nodes, uniquely designed to mimic the hands and thumb-like action of a professional masseuse. Foot massaging combined with heating is known to improve blood circulation and provides the perfect natural pain relief for Plantar Fasciitis, Heal Spur, Bunions, Arthritis, foot swelling and most other foot aches and pains.
  • DUAL PURPOSE MASSAGER - The Gideon Quilted Electric Shiatsu Massager is a dual-purpose massager, and can also be used on almost any body part that needs massaging. Simply unzip the top foot muff part and effectively massage back, buttocks, thighs, legs, etc. Give yourself a vigorous and deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home or office.
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE FABRIC - Designed to be extremely comfortable and cozy; made with luxurious ultra-plush fleece fabric and is super soft and cushioned. Being removable and washable ensures hygiene; top foot muff part can be removed by unzipping and can be machine washed.
  • EASY-TO-USE CORDED HAND CONTROL - No need to bend down to select modes; features a convenient and easy-to-use corded hand control keypad to select and control functions. Easily select clockwise or counter-clockwise shiatsu massaging and power heat on/off. / Size: 12" x 12"; comfortably fits also large feet.
adidas Adissage Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid),Black/White/Black,4 M US Big Kid
  • Adjustable synthetic bandage upper
  • TPR footbed with massage nubs
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • adidas
  • 4 M US Big Kid
  • Black/White/Black
VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow Shiatsu Deep Kneading Shoulder Back and Foot Massager with Heat-Relaxation Gifts for Women/Men/Dad/Mom-FDA Approved
  • HOW TO MASSAGE: Powerful 3D rotating massage nodes deep-kneading shiatsu massage to relax overused and tight muscles; Gentle heating function soothes aching muscles and can be turned on & off with ease.
  • PERFECT MASSAGE SPOT: VIKTOR JURGEN Massage Pillow ergonomic designed, fits perfectly behind neck and body contours of shoulder,lower- & upper-back, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas.
  • VERSASTILE DUST CLOTH: Made of environmentally benign materials,Wrap the part of massager contacted with body,protect the skin to avoid the friction against directly;prevent the heated area becomes too warm;Be easily removed for cleaning.
  • VALENTINE'S DAY GIFTS: With AC adapter and FREE Car adapter,adjustable handle Straps ,this back massage can be used you whether you're in your chair at home, sitting at your desk at work or even while commuting in your car.Convenient and easy-to-use corded hand control,press POWER to turn on/off the massager,| and || can choose the direction of kneading, and heating or without heat. Best relaxation gifts to your friends,parents,family,elder for their health.
  • QUALITY WARRANTY: All massagers of VIKTOR JURGEN matches national quality, health examination standard, acquired American FDA attestation. Provide 90-day money-back guarantee for any reason and 3-Year warranty for quality-related issues.
Rusticity Wood Acupressure Massager - Foot Slippers | Handmade | (10.5x4in)
  • Wooden acupressure massagers for pain relief, improved blood circulation, and pressure points
  • Rustic vintage look, safe for skin with no artificial polish
  • Handcarved out of Indian Rosewood (sheesham), resistant to termites and decay
  • RUSTICITY GUARANTEES, If you are NOT 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund or a free replacement, against your order within 7 days from the date of purchase WITHOUT having to return the original product or reaching out to Amazon. Simply drop in your message with your complaint on our support id or reach out to us through amazon buyer-seller communication feature. Attachments area
CLORIS Foot Massagers Shoes, 180 ° Rotatable with 41 acupressure point Powerful Natural Stone Massage Ball Slippers Shoes Sandals for Men Women ((L-26.5CM/10.5 in(Men Size 8-9, Women Size 9.5) …)
  • EVA MASSAGE SHOES DESIGNED WITH 41 MASSAGE POINTS: Chinese traditional reflexology massage slippers apply acupressure points on the sole of your feetto soothe foot/ heel pain & tension due to arthritis, neuropathy and other ailments;
  • ADJUSTABLE BELT DESIGN: Our massage shoes suitable for most feet, reflexology sandals made of artificial PU sole and EVA materials, they are non-slip and safe to wear, an exceedingly innovative alternative to the traditional reflexology sandals;
  • CONVENINET TO USE: Enjoy a professional foot massage shoes by simple walking. You may feel painful for first several times use if you have a tight foot, add socks and shorten the wearing time will help you feel better;
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% Money Back Satisfactionre , these flexology massager Guarantee in 90 days
  • NOTE: If you are between sizes, take larger one , Related: massage shoes for men, related: massage slippers for men, reflexology tools, reflexology sandals, mindinsole for feet, slippers for woman, sandals for women, sandals for men, foot massage roller, foot massager roller, reflexology sandals, acupressure massage slippers