Best Solar Powered String Lights

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We have covered Solar Christmas Lights in our previous article, but here we are talking about solar string lights, have you ever heard of solar-powered string lights? Well, as you can probably guess, solar string lights are string lights—also known as Christmas lights, fairy lights in the UK—that run on solar power. As with other string lights, they are small to medium lights spaced out at regular intervals on a wire, or “string,” that can be tied up to any part of a house, building, or other installation. This means that using solar string lights, you can decorate both the interior and the exterior of your home, whether as a means of everyday decoration or for specific holidays or events, including weddings.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Solar String Lights

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How Do Solar String Lights work?

Mpow Solar String Lights, 33ft 100LED Outdoor String Lights, Waterproof Decorative String Lights for Patio, Garden, Gate, Yard, Party, Wedding, Christmas (Warm White)Solar string lights work by absorbing sunlight, which they then convert into electrical energy via the function of their battery. Whether they are placed outdoors or indoors, solar string lights make use of a solar panel to gather up solar energy, which generally contains the battery. The sunlight absorbed by the panel is circuited through the batteries and turned into electrical energy. Inside the battery, the electrical energy is turned into stored and chemical energy, and then—when you want to turn the light on—turned back into electrical energy, thus allowing the light to function. In other words, the battery functions as a middleman between the solar panel and the light source (that is, the sunlight).

The lights work both inside and outside. Outdoor lights function because they gather in sunlight when it’s bright and sunny outside, and then either store the light to use later, once the lights have been illuminated. In the case of indoor lights, they must be placed near sources of natural light, generally windows, so that the sunlight can shine into the room and be absorbed by the solar panel.


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Things To Consider When Buying Solar String Lights

There are all kinds of things to consider before you purchase a set of solar string lights. For example, you’ll want to know about how many hours they can provide light over their lifetime, how much light they produce, what modes of lighting are available, and which colours of light they produce. The nature of the questions will vary depending on what you intend to use them for—a wedding supply company, for example, will have very different criteria to fill than a family looking to illuminate their home for Christmas—but you need to ask them, so that you can find the lights that work best for you.

  • Is it waterproof or water-resistant enough? Solar panels are usually waterproof—just as you would expect from something that’s meant to be placed outside for months or even years at a time—and in many cases, they are resistant to other forms of weather, including heavy winds, as well. You’ll want to pay more attention to this particular characteristic if you live in a place with harsh, cold weather, but might have to worry less if you live in a warmer place where it doesn’t rain as much.
  • How long will it take them to charge? Solar string lights will be able to charge even when the sunlight outside isn’t present in a constant, steady stream. However, note that they will, understandably, develop a stronger, more solid charge when it is consistently sunny outside, which makes them a great choice for areas where there’s a lot of bright sunshine during much of the year. If you live in a place where it’s darker or there’s more cloud cover, then it will naturally take the solar string lights a long time to charge properly.
  • Suitability to your area: Solar string lights can be placed outside of homes almost anywhere in the world, but of course you’ll want to choose those lights that are best suited to your own particular area. This is because, for example, if you live in a climate where conditions are windy and rainy, you’ll naturally want a model that’s a little more durable. However, on the flip side of the coin, if you live in an area where the weather is more likely to be consistently warm and sunny, durability might not be as much of a concern. You can watch out for this element by carefully reading the packages or product descriptions of the solar string lights you’re interested in.
  • Ease of installation: Some solar string lights are easier to install than others. You usually won’t need sockets, wiring, or other tools—tools are included in the package as necessary, and consists of stakes, spikes, and stands—but there’s no doubt that the solar panels of some solar models will attach more easily to wherever you’re placing them (often a wall or a railing) than others. Also, watch out for the length of the strings: you’ll need to choose these in function of the size of the area where you’d like to place the lights.
  • What kind of light will you get? As with other lighting devices, the amount of light generated by solar string lights is going to vary depending on the model. Depending on the model, the cells of solar panels are coated with materials like boron or phosphorus, which affects how receptive they are to the interactions of electrons on the surface. Also, pay attention to modes, which include waves, flashing, and the classic “steady on.” If the lights only have that last option, that’s fine, for say, regular Christmas lights, but if you want lights for a special event, like a wedding, you may want to find lights that have special modes.

Top 10 Best Solar String Light Reviews 


1.  Anyway Solar String LED Lights

Solar String Lights, Ankway 200 LED Fairy Lights 8 Modes 3-Strands Copper Wire 72 ft Waterproof IP65 Solar String Lights Outdoor Indoor Patio Garden Christmas Decorative (Warm White)

  • LED bulbs are super-bright
  • 8 lighting modes, including flashing, waves, fading
  • leading copper wire is 72 feet long
  • the wire is durable, bendable and waterproof
  • IP65 3-strand copper
  • easy installation for the garden, patio, etc.

Long-lasting Durable Light

These lights will ensure that you get illumination that lasts for 8 hours or more at a time, once the lights have been fully charged. They absorb and convert sunlight efficiently, and the lights themselves shine brightly thanks to their 200 LED format. The illumination is also available in different modes, including modes meant to mimic fireflies and waves, fading, chasing/fading, slow fading flashing, twinkle/flashing, and of course the steady “always on feature.” These mode options can be found on the solar panel; you can turn the lights off manually as well. The lights are warm white in colour, and the 0.6W solar panel holds the battery of 1200 mAH.

A User Friendly Product

The thin, flexible copper wire of these lights is 72 feet long, making it the ideal choice for stringing anywhere you like outdoors, including around your balcony, in your garden, or on your patio or deck of your pool. The lights themselves are easy to install, in part thanks to the bendable, flexible design of the wire—a stake is also included so that you can anchor themselves in place—and they come with a warranty that is valid for a full year.


2.  GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights

GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights 20ft 30 LED Water Drop Solar String Fairy Waterproof Lights Christmas Lights Solar Powered String lights for Garden, Patio, Yard, Home, Christmas Tree, Parties

  • wire is 20 feet (6 metres) long
  • brightness of 30 LEDs
  • waterproof and durable
  • 8 hours of illumination once fully charged
  • steady and flashing modes available
  • outdoor use: perfect for weddings, parties, garden, patio, backyard, Christmas trees, etc.

A durable source of light

This model by Gdealer features a 30-LED format, which provides 8 to 10 hours of illumination once the battery has been fully charged. It is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not you need to take the lights down if it’s raining. As well, the lights feature two modes—flashing and a steady mode—in addition to the off functionality, which you can use when you don’t need more light or illumination. The lighting creates a romantic effect, which is particularly beautiful during the night-time—and it will last throughout the night, because of the 8-hour charge.

An energy-efficient model

These lights are environmentally friendly, in that their high energy conversion rates ensure that they are energy-efficient. The intensity of the light varies depending on a number of factors, including weather conditions, changes in the seasons, and the part of the world in which the user is located. They can charge for up to 12 hours, and the full capabilities of the model run the gamut of some 5000 hours.

Includes everything you need

This 6-meter long lighting cable—which has 5 feet between the solar panel and the first LED for optimal safety, with 20 cm between every 2 LEDs—is sold with a solar panel, a stand, and a spike.


3.  Lemontec LED Water Drop Solar Waterproof String Lights

Lemontec 20 Feet 30 LED Water Drop Solar Fairy Waterproof Lights for Garden, Patio, Yard, Home, Parties, Multi Color

  • built-in sensor automatically turns lights off at dawn
  • multicolored lights are perfect for decorating
  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • spike is included
  • perfect warranty: 100% refund after 30 days

Use them throughout the whole year

You can use these lights in any month or season of the year because of their durable, waterproof design and convenient multicolour modes. The cable is 20 feet long, with the 30 LED lights spaced 20 cm apart from each other, so installation is simple, straightforward, and not frustrating. The lights last 10 hours when they are fully charged, and you can set them in either the steady-light or flashing-light modes.

Low cost, high reward

These affordable lights are environmentally friendly, and the maintenance cost is low for you: you just need to clean them occasionally, recharge the 1.2V 1000mAH battery and keep them in working order. Because of their durable design, you won’t need to take the lights off in case of rain or other inclement weather.

Multicolour light to light up the night

These Lemontic lights are available in hues of white/warm and white/blue multicolour lights. This makes them perfect for all kinds of occasions, not just Christmas; for example, they’re perfect for birthday parties, weddings, garden parties, or even as part of your Halloween decorations. You can turn the lights on or off with the power button, and the bi-mode button allows you to switch between the two modes.


4.  VMANOO Solar LED Fairy String Lights

VMANOO Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 22m 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Fairy String Lights for Outdoor, Gardens, Homes, Wedding, Christmas Party, Waterproof (Multi-color)

  • 72-foot cable
  • multi-colored lights
  • 8 modes are included
  • high-efficiency solar panels
  • user-friendly interface
  • water resistance in case of rain and other bad weather
  • create relaxing, glowing illumination

The kind of lighting you’re looking for

With this model by VMANOO, you’ll get exactly the kind of illumination that you have been searching for. 8 modes of multicolor lighting are available: these include waves, a sequential mode, a slow mode, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and the usual steady-on option. The 2V, 300MA solar panel features a built-in 1800MA AA NI-MH that you can replace with an eco-friendly rechargeable battery.

An ideal, energy-efficient design

The high-energy solar panels of this model ensure that you have an eco-friendly wave of keeping your lights functioning whenever you need them. Plus, the power switch is easy to use: just keep it on automatically, and the built-in sensors will store light automatically during the daytime, for use in illumination at night. Not to mention, the waterproof and water-resistant design ensures that you can use these lights for years on end, throughout many Christmases, birthdays, weddings, and other occasions, because they will remain durable and strong in all kinds of weather. You won’t even need to take them off when it rains.


5.  GDEALER Solar Outdoor Globe String Lights

GDEALER Solar String Lights 20ft 30 LED Crystal Ball Waterproof Outdoor String Lights Solar Powered Globe Fairy String Lights for Outside Garden, Yard, Home, Landscape, Party

  • lifetime is up to 5000 hours
  • high energy efficiency
  • last until dawn breaks, then switch off automatically to save you energy
  • ease of installation
  • multicoloured lights

An environmentally friendly choice

The high-tech solar panel results in an energy-efficient conversion rate. Further, thanks to the built-in sensor, the lights go on automatically at dusk. They will also turn off on their own when it gets too bright outside, which saves you energy and is better for the environment.

Has all the features you need

These lights are waterproof, which means that they are ideal for outdoor decoration throughout the year, even during the rainy and cold seasons of winter and spring. They can function for 8 hours at night in a continuous stream (assuming that enough sunshine has been absorbed during the day). A flashing mode is available, as well as a steady-light mode. You can also turn the light on or off with the click of a button so that you’re not wasting energy when it’s not in use.

Includes everything you need to get started

The string lights feature 30 crystal-ball LED lights on a 20-foot long wire, and a solar panel is attached. Also included are a stand and a 20-cm garden spike, so that you can properly position and install the lights. You install it without plugging it into a power source.


6.  GDEALER Solar Starry Fairy Outdoor String Lights

GDEALER Solar String Lights 72feet 200 LED 2 Modes Solar Powered Waterproof Starry Fairy Outdoor String Lights holiday Decoration Lights for Patio Gardens Homes Landscape Wedding Party

  • wire is 72 feet long (22 meters)
  • 200 LED lights
  • waterproof for rainy conditions
  • can work for 8 hours
  • 8 lighting modes

Efficient lighting with many modes

All kinds of lighting modes are available with this model: sequential, combination, slow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. Because of the variety of lighting modes, you can install two sets of light side by side and turn on different modes, thus creating pulsing effects.

A durable item

The 20 200 LED ball-shaped lights are also placed about 10 cm away from each other each, placed evenly along the long 72-foot (6-meter) cable. As well, the total lifetime of the bulbs is up to 50,000 hours. You can also turn it off entirely when you’re not using it, thereby saving you energy. You can also save energy thanks to the built-in sensor, which makes the light turn on and off at nightfall and dawn. The interval between the solar panel and the first solar light is long enough so that you can install everything properly without needing to worry.

Includes installation equipment in the package

A 20-cm garden spike is included in this package, as is a stand. The controller allows you to switch from one lighting mode to the next with ease. The solar panel of 2V has 300MA and includes the 1.5V battery of 1800MA.


7.  Qedertek Solar Outdoor Butterfly Fairy String Lights

Qedertek Butterfly Solar String Lights, 24.6ft 40 LED Waterproof halloween solar lights Christmas Lights Decorative Lighting for Indoor, Outdoor, Home, Fence, Garden, Patio, Lawn, Party (Multicolored)

  • multi-coloured lights for beautiful decorating
  • 50 blue blossoms on a 21-foot wire
  • 5-foot lead cable included
  • waterproof; can withstand snow and heavy rain
  • once charge, light lasts for up to 8 hours

A heavy-duty lighting set-up

One great thing about this model of string lights is that it is fairly heavy-duty (despite being composed of 50 blue blossom shaped-lights). The leading cable is 6.5 feet long, and it is attached to a cable that is 21 feet long. It is waterproof and can withstand not only small to normal amounts of rain, but also heavy rain, as well as snow. The lighting it creates will last for 8 hours.

Includes everything you need to get started

Everything you need is already included in the package: a stand, in the shape of a garden stake; a lead cable; a cable; and a solar panel with a rechargeable battery. The panel is 2V 170 mA, and the battery, which is built-in, is a 600mA NI-MH AS battery.

Energy-saving design

These lights have been designed in such a way that they save energy, on account of the high energy conversion rate. This means that they are energy-efficient, and will last for several years. Moreover, the battery is rechargeable, saving you the trouble of having to replace it frequently. Also, the light sensor technology means that the lights turn off and on and dusk and dawn so that you don’t waste energy having it on when it’s bright outside, and can instead use that time to charge it.


8.  AMIR Solar Powered LED String Lights

AMIR Solar Powered String Lights, 200 LED Copper Wire Lights, 72ft 8 Modes Starry Lights, Waterproof IP65 Fairy Christams Decorative Lights for Outdoor, Wedding, Homes, Party, Halloween (Warm White)

  • 8 lighting modes for all kinds of occasions
  • copper IP65 wire is waterproof
  • warm white in colour
  • the angle of viewing is 360 degrees
  • on and off switch button
  • once fully charged, runs for 14 hours

A powerful model of string lights

Unlike many other models on the market, these lights by AMIR will last for a full 14 hours once they have been fully charged. As a result, you’ll get light for more than half the day, if you need it. And when you don’t need it—namely, because it’s getting light outside and you need to start taking light in, rather than letting it out—the lights will turn off automatically in the morning. This particular feature means that you don’t need to waste any energy keeping it on in the daytime when the light won’t be seen at all. As well, there are 200 LEDs in this model.

A very long wire

The wire of this model, which is made out of IP65 copper, is very long: a full 72 feet, to be precise. It also has a steady 360-degree viewing angle, and the lights illuminate every direction around them.

Many modes for better decoration

The 8 modes of this model—fireflies, flashing, waves, fading, combination, fading slowly, steady on, chasing/flashing, and twinkle/flashing—mean that you can create all kinds of lighting events, perfect for all kinds of scenarios, with relatively little effort.


9.  Brightech Ambience Pro – Waterproof Solar LED Outdoor String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof Solar LED Outdoor String Lights – Hanging 1W Retro Edison Filament Bulbs - 27 Ft Globe Lights Create Bistro Ambience in Your Yard, Pergola

  • lights are in shape of an Italian-style pergola
  • create a warm, pleasant ambience
  • 3000K of warm light is produced
  • full lifetime is up to 20,000 hours
  • charge completely with 6 hours of sunlight
  • 27-foot-long strands

Powerful mood lights

Many features of these lights indicate that it has an ideal design which is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Not only are their style and shape reminiscent of an Italian-style pergola—perfect for yards, balcony and gazebos—but they are warm enough to create a pleasant ambience around that whole area. They are heavy-duty and will create up to 3,000K of warm light at a time, with the full lifetime of the product lasting up to 20,000 hours. They can

Classic style and design

The bulbs are in the style of Edison’s classic light bulb, and they are placed on strands that are around 27 feet long. There are 12 bulbs in all, of the G40 type, placed some 20 inches apart, with the lighted portion measuring around 20 feet. There are also 6 feet between the solar panel and the first bulb so that you have enough space to set everything up properly without stressing yourself out.

3-year warranty

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have three years to use Brightech’s warranty.


10.  Icicle Dual Power Outdoor Solar String Lights

Icicle Dual Power String Lights Outdoor, 72 Ft 8 Modes 200 LED Waterproof Battery & Solar String Lights for Indoor/Outdoor, Garden, Patio, Fence and Holiday Decorations(Multi Color)

  • 8 modes perfect for all kinds of occasions
  • two-way lighting solution with panel and battery
  • the wire is made out of IP65 copper
  • they work for up to 8 hours at night time
  • external battery lasts 5 – 10 days
  • waterproof; ideal for all kinds of weather

Many modes available

Many modes are available with this two-way lighting solution, in that it is powered both by a solar panel and a battery. These mods include combination, waves, sequential, slogs, slow fade, steady on, chasing/flash, and twinkle/flash. With this plethora of modes, you can find a setting that is perfect for any occasions, whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, or Christmas-related occasion.

Strong and durable design

These lights have been designed in such a way that they will provide light for up to 8 hours at a time, using the 1200 mAH built-in battery. As well, the external battery can be used for 5 to 10 days, depending on the modes chosen. The lights can withstand all kinds of weather, including snow and heavy rain. The dual-powered mode essentially means that the lights are more practical than many other models and that the illumination produced won’t be affected by factors like weather, seasonal conditions, or geographic factors.


Final Verdict

LAMPAT Solar String Lights, 300 Led Holiday String Lighting Outdoor Solar Patio Lights Fit Christmas Garden Wedding Party Landscape[Warm White], 2 Pack 600 LED

If you’d like to buy some solar string lights for your house or apartment, you’re in luck: many models are offered for sale, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Of particular note are the Ankway FBA_Aky13 Solar String 200 LED Fairy Lights and the GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights 20ft, both of which are very well-rated. That being said, with the hundreds of models available on the market, you’re sure to find one that suits exactly the purpose you want it to serve, whether that’s to light up the outside of your home, to decorate the inside of a brand-new apartment to make it your own, or to string along your mantelpiece to decorate for winter holidays. Find the model that works best for you by taking into account your specific needs and tastes, and you’ll be very satisfied with your purchase.

Best Outdoor Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Are you looking for the best outdoor Solar Powered Christmas Lights?

You’ve come to the right place. We are here to help you with your hunt to find the perfect Solar Christmas Lights.

Here’s an interesting fact about Christmas lights: they were popularized by the young Adam Sadacca, who as a teenager had the idea of placing his parent’s novelty lighting in Christmas trees, and went on to found the organization that would later become NOMA, the lucrative lighting experts.

The advent of solar powered Christmas lights in the markets was a god sent for many who are environmentally conscious. But, a majority of the population has remained sceptics for reasons that are truly unknown. Solar powered Christmas lights cut back on your electric bills by 40% during the festivities, which is a welcome solution for all. And that is not all, decking the halls have never been easier with solar powered Christmas lights. And that is because it provides a hassle-free installation since it requires no additional wiring. They can be hung at any location without the ghastly sight of the extension cords lying around. If this sounds too good to be convincing, read on to learn more about the working of solar powered Christmas lights.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How Do Outdoor Solar Powered  Christmas Lights Work?

To understand the working of solar Christmas lights is not exactly rocket science. It arrives like your essential Christmas lights with the bulbs attached to the wires except they will be connected to a solar panel. A solar panel is a made of a semiconductor and is used to absorb the sun’s energy, better known as solar energy. That in turn, is converted to electrical power and is stored in the attached battery. Most of the batteries connected to the lights will have light sensitive sensors. And as the sun sets, these sensors will detect the lack of light and will in succession turn on the Christmas lights through the power stored in the battery.


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Things To Consider When Buying Solar Christmas Lights:

If the prospect of switching to solar powered Christmas lights have piqued your interests, then it is only fair that you must cover some ground on what to consider before purchasing it. Because walking into the store (well in most cases, browsing online) to shop for something which you have no idea can be unnerving. Also in most cases, you will end up buying something for which you have no need!

Weather Resistant:

During the Holidays, I don’t think that anyone of us would like to be discreet with the Christmas decorations. In saying so, it is a no-brainer that most of us would be giving attention to the outdoor decorations. But Mother Nature may not agree at times, so even though your lights are solar powered, do make sure that they are water resistant and can withstand harsh weather up to some degree.

Replaceable batteries:

Most of the products will come with stable and excellent quality solar panels. But most customers have had problems in the past because they usually come with the company provided batteries. Make sure that you get a model that allows you to replace batteries, in case an unfortunate thing happens to the original battery.

Availability of light sensor:

For those of you who have no problem of turning the switches on and off manually, you can ignore this point. But some of the solar lights come with their inbuilt light sensors, which is a smart technology that has been incorporated into it. The light sensor basically detects the presence and absence of light and turns your lights off and on respectively. This feature can help in saving the solar energy that was accumulated and can help curb burning your lights unnecessarily because of human error.

Length of the wire:

People often have ideas on how they want to decorate their homes for the festivities. Depending on the type of design you want to create, the length of the wire should be kept in mind too. Some come in long cables, and some come with short cables. Although this is not a life-threatening situation, it can consume your time and can prove to be a frustrating situation.


Top 12 Best Outdoor Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Since we are all set with the introductory; I have put forth a list of 12 solar powered Christmas lights among the variety of choices that are available. They have been selected based on their specifications, popularity and customer reviews.

1.  GDEALER Outdoor Solar Water Drop Fairy Christmas Lights – 20ft

This model of solar Christmas lights can light up for 7-8 hours straight with the energy collected in its solar panel. Customers had also claimed that it had done its job of lighting up even during the days when there was no sunlight.

The key features are mentioned below.

  • Physical description:

The string light in this model is attached to the solar panel, and along with that, garden spikes are provided to post the solar panel.

  • Adjustment:

The garden spikes can be attached to the back of the solar panel by sliding it. There is a knob as well to adjust the angle so that you can tilt it according to your will so that the solar panel gets the maximum amount of sunlight.

  • Dimensions: 

The string lights are about 15ft long followed by an empty 5ft of wire. Each unit is about 1 inch in diameter.

  • The height of the garden spike:

It is 20 cm in length which can ensure the absorption of the maximum amount of sunlight.


2.  Qedertek 200 LED Solar Christmas lights – 72ft

One of the selling points about this solar Christmas light is surprisingly not about how gorgeous it is, but the fact that it comes with a larger solar panel. That is, in comparison with the other solar powered Christmas lights.  Even during days when there is not enough sunlight, it undertakes the job of lighting up during nightfall. And that, in truth makes this a very reliable model.

The key features are given below:

  • Waterproof:

The lights are waterproof, which would mean that Christmas is not cancelled, despite the rain or the snowfall. This is a critical factor in making this model a highly demanded good. Especially for customers who reside in places that have an abundance of rain and snow.

  • Specifications:

This model comes with 200 LED lights, and each of them is spaced by 4 inches. And the whole length is 72 ft. Also, they come connected with an 1800 mA Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery. The solar panel comes with two switches as well, that is on and off.

  • Installation:

The solar panel has a stake, which you can use it to poke it in the ground. Make sure that the earth is quite soft so that it glides in smoothly.

  • Intelligence:

The light sensor that is attached to the battery is responsible for turning the light on during dusk and turning it off at dawn. So, a user is exempted from the task of putting it on or off manually.


3.  Lemontec LED Solar Powered Water Drop Fairy Christmas Lights – 20ft

These water droplet shaped lights are a way to add a mystical touch to your decoration. These are not only suitable for Christmas, but they can be used in other occasions as well. They are not complicated to operate and are entirely easy to use even for the non-tech savvy fellows!

Some of the key features are given below:

  • Physical Description:

The lights are multicolored and are spaced from each other at a distance of 4ft. The size of the bulbs look small, but it is very noticeable from a distance because of the brilliant hue.

  • Long cable:

The LED bulbs are attached to a 20ft wire which makes it very easy to cover the areas of your home from one end to the other.

  • Function:

This model also comes with a light-sensitive sensor, which will be responsible for turning on and turning off the lights at the right timings.  Besides that, the lights come with different modes, depending on whether you would prefer it to blink in sequence or not. The solar lights are also waterproof.

  • Lifespan:

The solar lights have an approximate lifespan of 5000 hours. With this, you can extend the use of these solar lights beyond Christmas time.


4.  Qedertek Globe Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights- 20ft

While most of the solar-powered Christmas lights come with 2 modes, this model comes with 8 modes.  This is a selling point for customers who are fond of keeping it spontaneous when it comes to their Christmas decoration.  The light from the globe bulbs gives off warm hue which makes it perfect for outdoor settings during the cold season.

The key features are mentioned below:

  • Specifications:

The LED bulbs are spaced from each other at a distance of 0.5ft along a 20ft wire. Along with that, a 5 ft lead cable is included as well. The solar panel is powered by a 1.2 V 600 mA rechargeable battery.

  • The capacity of the solar panel:

The length from the solar panel to the bottom of the stake measures at 5 ft, which ensures that the panel will receive an ample amount of sunlight. Charging the solar panel for a minimum of 6 hours per day will allow the lights to work at their full capacity.

  • Charge capacity:

The solar panel is made of the highest quality which would mean that it will charge even on cloudy days.

  • Durability:

The LED lights are waterproof, and they can withstand heavy rainfalls and snowfalls as well.


5.  Qedertek Multi-colored Solar Christmas Light – 33ft

The brilliance of this model will pull you instantly towards it. But not only is it pretty to look at, it comes with all the necessities that are expected from a solar-powered decorative light.  It is highly durable mainly due to its waterproof quality and also because of the availability of light sensor for a more intelligent connection.

The key features are mentioned below:

  • Smart technology:

On several occasions, it is highly likely that any one of the bulbs can go off because of anomalies. But, this event will not cause any effect to the other bulbs. A customer can be rest assured that the performance of the other bulbs will not be hampered.

  • Durability:

The solar panel is made to withstand any kind of harsh weather like heavy rain or heavy snow. This quality makes the solar powered lights an excellent choice for outdoor lighting.

  •  User-friendly:

The operation and set up of the lights is smooth and an amateur can quickly do it. A user manual is also provided as well.

  • Stylish:

A user would be lost for choices because there are 8 available modes. This feature makes this product suitable for other festivals and parties as well. So this may as well be treated as a versatile model.


6.  Icicle Solar Christmas Lights – 16ft

What perfect way to capture the spirit of Christmas than by using these dragon-fly shaped lights for decorating your home? In an ironic manner, it can bring warmth into your home while you are reading “A Christmas Carol” to your children or quietly to yourself. These lights are multi-colored in warm hues of green, yellow, orange, pink and purple. So rest assured, white will not be the only color you’ll be seeing this Christmas!

The key features are:

  • Eco-friendly:

The fact that this solar-powered makes it perfect for users who want to contribute to the environment. It is cost effective, meaning you will have to pay zero dollars. So in a way, you’re getting more than you bargained for.

  • Versatility:

The LED lights are perfect for outdoor use, but they can also be used indoors. They are also perfect for sprucing up the room, the living room, the kitchen or even the bathroom. But, don’t forget to charge your solar panel though.


With the competition, these lights are also waterproof as well and can withstand the harshest weather. As I have mentioned earlier, you get more than what you bargained for!

  • User-Friendly:

This model is elementary to operate. It has two buttons only, one of them is used for the on and off mode, and the other button is used for switching among the 8 modes available.


7.  VMANOO Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas Lights – 21ft

If you want to try something fresh, and is looking for something interesting; then this model would be perfect for the inner creative artist. These fairy flower blossom decorative lights are perfect to add a mystical touch to your outdoor decorations.

The key features are mentioned below:

  • Extreme weather resistant:

The lights are waterproof and are resistant to extreme weather conditions like heavy rains and heavy snowfall.

  • Functionality:

It has 8 modes of functions, so it not only is pretty to look at, it is versatile as well.

  • Easy installation:

The solar panel has a spike that you can attach to the ground quickly and position it where the sunlight is the strongest.

  • User-Friendly:

This model is not complicated to use, and it only comes with two buttons; where one of them is used for the one and off mode (Although it is advised that it is kept on at all times). And the other button is used for switching to different modes.


8.  Icicle Solar Bubble Globe Christmas Lights – 20ft

These bubble shaped globes are excellent for decorating your space. It gives off a warm ambience which will be welcoming to your families and guests that are visiting you during the holidays. Apart from that, customers have praised this product because of its long life. With most of them claiming that it burns for the whole year round.

The key features are mentioned below:

  • Environment-friendly:

With the small amount that you paid for purchasing this model, makes you a perfect citizen of the earth as the lights are solar powered, which undoubtedly means that alternative means of energy is harnessed instead of fossil fuels!

  • Versatility:

The LED lights are perfect for outdoor use, but they can also be used indoors. They are also perfect for styling up your home space. The shapes of the LED globes make it suitable for any setting in and out of your home.

  • Durability:

With so many choices available in the market, these lights are also waterproof and can withstand harsh weather.

  • User-Friendly:

This model is straightforward to operate. It has two buttons only, one of them is used for the on and off mode, and the other button is used for switching among the 8 modes available.


9.  Dephen Solar Morracan Ball Fairy Christmas Lights – 15ft

The name of this model surely does make a customer expect something that is positively exotic. We can now say goodbye to traditional Christmas decorations and say hello to panache Christmas decorations. Customers who have bought these lights have entirely no complaints and have claimed that they have never switched to a different model after coming across this.

The key features are mentioned below;

  • Dimensions:

20 globes are attached to a 15 ft lighting wire with an additional 4.9ft of leading circuit.

  • Lifespan:

On charging the solar panel for a minimum of 6 hours, the lights can burn for 8-10 hours. It is also worth mentioning that it has a lifespan of more than 50000 hours if used with proper care.

  • Easy installation and operation:

Like most of the models mentioned in this list, the solar panel includes a spike which is used for inserting it in the ground. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery of 600 mAh capacity which will be responsible for supplying the power to the lights.

  • Eco-friendly:

The usage of this product ensures that no pollution is caused to the environment as the solar panel automatically converts solar energy into electrical energy to operate the lights.


10.  Vmanoo LED Meteor Shower Rain Solar Christmas Lights – 23ft

This uniquely designed LED solar powered Christmas light arrives in 8 tubes with 36 LED bulbs in the tube. And they provide the illusion of a meteor shower, as the bulbs in the tube turn on one by one in succession.

Some of the key features are given below:

  • Energy Efficient:

It is solar powered with a built-in single AA rechargeable battery. The battery is included with the product, but it can be replaced as well if anything goes wrong.

  • High quality:

The lights are made up of high-quality PC material. They are water resistant and dustproof. This makes it excellent for outdoor use.

  • Specification:

As I have mentioned earlier, each tube consists of 36 LED bulbs in five colors. So in total, this model contains 288 LED bulbs.

  • Easy installation:

Each tube is connected to their own string lights so that it is possible to hang them in different locations. The solar panel has its own stake as well for fixing it to the ground.


11.  Inngree Snowflake Solar Christmas Lights -20ft

This model will bring Christmas to your home with these snowflake designed lights. Even if you are located in a place that doesn’t receive snowfall, you could still have a brilliant holiday with these lights.

Some of the key features are mentioned below:

  • High Performance:

This has been tested to be highly resistant to harsh weather. And it is environmentally friendly as it is solar powered.

  • Installation:

The solar panel has a capacity of 2V 100 mA and can be rooted to the ground with its own stake. Make sure that the solar panel is charged for at least 6-8 hours to enable the lights to work for a 6-8 hour stretch.

  • Specification:

The lights are separated by a distance of 0.5 ft, and they are wired to a 20 ft cable.

  • Easy handling:

It is easy to handle and figure out this model, even for beginners. Like the other models, this too comes with two switches, where one of them is used for one and off mode. And the other switch is used for switching between blink and no blink modes.


12.  Adecorty Solar Rain Drop Christmas Lights – 16ft

This is the last and the most stylish addition to this list. The bulbs are shaped like water drops. And has a contemporary feel which will give your home a very modern look.

Some of the key features are mentioned below:

  • Design:

The lights are shaped like water drops and is covered with a metal wire mesh. It gives off a vibrant warm hue, which is lovely for dinner setting over the holidays.

  • Specifications:

This model comes with 20 LED bulbs, and each bulb is distanced at a length of 5.9 inches. The total length of the string wire is 16 ft, and the power cord length is about 6.6 ft.

  • User-Friendly:

Like the rest of the models mentioned, it has two switches specifically for the on and off mode and for switching between light blinking modes.

  • Intelligence:

The switch is automatic. This means you don’t need to manually turn it on during the day and off at the night.


Final Verdict

Taking all of the points into scrutiny, we feel like the “GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights” and the “Qedertek 200 LED Solar Christmas lights” are our favorites because of the design and their specifications. Both of the mentioned models are environment-friendly and reliable. They are easy to handle and are long-lasting products. Above all, the products have given the impression that all the customers are genuinely satisfied and give value for money.