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A snowmobile helmet is a protective gear worn to protect your head. It complements the skull in protecting your brain. It keeps your head not only from injury but also cold, wind and water. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Reviews of the Best Snowmobile Helmet

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Top 10 Best Snowmobile Helmet Reviews


509 Tactical Helmet (Storm Chaser - Large)
  • Aggressive profile snowmobile and snowbike helmet with custom interior fit eps, safe and durable polycarbonate outer shell
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard, product also meets requirements imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • 6 Sizes across 2 outer shell molds ensure excellent fit, XS-2XL
  • Maximum peripheral vision with class leading eye port opening. Combine with any 509 goggle for perfect fit with minute to zero skin exposure
  • Custom interior EPS head foam with premium removable liner creates a comfortable fit
ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (M, Matte Black)
  • 2 Visors Included: Clear + Smoked and 1 Neck Scarf for Winter Use
  • Streamlined Aerodynamic Design Reduces Wind Noise and Drag
  • Advanced and Lightweight Durable ABS Shell
  • Quick Release Clasp and Strap and Removable Inner Lining Pads
  • Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards
Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Snowmobile Helmet (LRG, Matte Black)
  • DOT & ECE Approved SNOW configuration includes dual pane anti-fog shield, Hi- Definition Amber tint sun visor, breath box and cold weather chin curtain
Vega Helmets Ultra Electric Snow Unisex-Adult Full Face Snowmobile Helmet with Heated Shield (Matte Black, Large)
  • New for 2019, the Ultra Snowmobile Helmet by Vega Helmets is a value packed snowmobile helmet with a fresh, aggressive design built for speed
  • BUILT FOR THE SNOW - The Ultra features an optically correct, multi-position clear Electric/heated shield with SURE SEAL contoured edges to fight fogging and eliminate air and water penetration
  • FEATURE PACKED DESIGN - Includes a fog-reducing breath box attachment, DOT approved shield withstands harder impacts, removable comfort tech wick-dri liner, and fully ventilated waterproof design
  • SAFE & CERTIFIED - Meets or exceeds US DOT standard FMVSS 218 & ECE R 22.05 and engineered with a high density channelled air flow EPS liner for maximum impact
  • Your Ultra snowmobile full face helmet is backed by our industry leading 5 year warranty See Vega website for full details. This helmet is not applicable for accident replacement
ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT 6 Colors (L, MATTE BLACK)
  • High Resistance ABS Shell With Micrometrically Adjustable Strap
  • Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards
  • Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads are Lightweight, Soft and Easily Removable and Washable
  • Sleek and Lightweight Design Reduces Wind Noise
  • Modular Flip-Up Function Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog and Wide View Clear Visor
Motorcycle Helmet Adult DOT Modular Flip up Full Face Sports Bike Snowmobile Helmet with Anti-Fog Shield (235 Black, XL)
  • Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards
  • Visor: Factory Original Anti-Fog Scratch Visor
  • Aerodynamic ABS Plastic Mold for hard shell protection against high speed impact, Multi-Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for reducing the amount of energy transferred to your head during an impact, Impact Absorption Padding for comfortable riding through long hours. Exactly what you need for Street Bike, Racing, Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike, MX, Quad, Adventure and much more. For both men and women.
  • Multiple Vents For Optimum Ventilation to allow fresh air flow to keep you cool and comfortable and prevent fogging without sacrificing Soundproofing and Warmth for colder weathers.
  • Removable And Washable Inner Liner, Reinforced Chin Strap, Double D-Ring Buckle.
Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Caldera Modular Motorcycle & Snowmobile Helmet 30% Larger Shield and Sunshield (Matte Black, Large)
  • The Caldera by Vega Helmets is a modern, feature packed motorcycle helmet ideal for the road warrior in all of us, delivering all the functionality of a modular helmet and so much more.
  • MASSIVE VISION – The Caldera’s massively extended field of vision (30% larger!) and optically correct, multi-position clear shield with SURE SEAL contoured edges allows you to experience more of the world around you in HD clarity.
  • MODERN FEATURE PACKED DESIGN – Includes an advanced modular flip up helmet system, drop down inner sunshield, removable comfort tech wick-dri liner, fully ventilated waterproof design, quick release strap system, and pre-drilled EPS to fit most Bluetooth com systems.
  • SAFE & CERTIFIED – Meets or exceeds US DOT standard FMVSS 218 & ECE R 22.05 and engineered with a high density channeled air flow EPS liner for maximum impact absorption so you can feel confident riding your cruiser, touring bike, street bike, or even snowmobile (heated shields sold separately).
  • WARRANTY + ACCIDENT REPLACEMENT PROTECTION* – Your Caldera modular full face flip up helmet is backed by our industry leading 5 year warranty and comes with Vega accident replacement protection. *See Vega website for full details
HJC Helmets CS-R3SN Unisex-Adult Full Face Snow Helmet with Framed Dual Lens Shield (Matte Black, Large)
  • ACS Advanced Channeling ventilation system
  • Plush, Nylex Interior
  • RapidFire Shield Replacement System
  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • D.O.T. Approved
Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Modular Caldera Electric Snow Snowmobile Helmet with 30% Larger Shield and Sunshield (Matte Black, X-Large)
  • The Caldera Electric Snow Modular Snowmobile Helmet by Vega Helmets is a modern, feature packed snowmobile helmet ideal for the adventurer in all of us
  • MASSIVE VISION - The Caldera's massively extended field of vision (30% larger!) and optically correct
  • FEATURE PACKED DESIGN - Includes a fog-reducing breath box attachment, heated snow shield, advanced modular flip up helmet system
  • SAFE and CERTIFIED - Meets or exceeds US DOT standard FMVSS 218 and ECE R 22.05 and engineered with a high density channelled air flow EPS liner for maximum impact
  • WARRANTY + ACCIDENT REPLACEMENT PROTECTION - Your Caldera Electric Snow flip up helmet is backed by our industry leading 5 year warranty
509 Altitude Snowmobiling Helmet - Matte Blue (XL)
  • Specially designed thermoplastic poly alloy outer shell
  • Custom fit dual density EPS (intermediate oval head profile)
  • Class leading eye port opening dimensions, which provide optimum peripheral vision
  • 8 oversize intake/exhaust vents for maximum ventilation
  • DOT and ECE 2205 certified

Ultimate Buying Guide – Snowmobile Helmet


Types Of Snowmobile Helmets:

  1. Full face helmet:

It features a fully protected dome with one seamless shell. It covers the entire head with no shifting parts. It is designed with a double lens fixed shield and a breath box which reduces fog. It keeps wind noise to the minimum.

  1. Snocross helmet:

It has an open face and no shield. It allows you to use goggles and a breath box for ventilation. Goggles are much better than helmet shield as it gives you a wider field of vision and is closer to your eyes.

  1. Modular helmet:

It features a jaw which can be locked down for a full face style or raised for an open-face style. If you ever get hurt, the EMT crew will get access to your airway without having to remove your entire helmet. It is perfect for those who put on glasses, and need contact with their face and fresh air. It also vents much easier and helps to minimize fogging up problems.

  1. Dual sports helmet:

This is a combination of snocross and full face helmet. It has a breath box and a face shield. The shield gives you a wide field of view as in the goggles.


Things To Consider When Buying A Snowmobile Helmet:

  • Air induction system:

Look for a ventilation system with wide air channels. It will let fresh air in to the chamber network in order to carry extra moisture and heated air to exit ports. Without any mist, the eye port will give you a wide clear field of vision. The air induction system helps deliver substantial air flow and volume into the ventilation system. The helmet’s integrity is enhanced by air-induction exterior ridges.

  • Accessories:

The snowmobile helmets those include a ballistic nylon soft-lined carrying bag with end mesh stash pockets or zippered side pockets, a spare visor and visor bolt hardware are preferable. A complete package is always more affordable and convenient than having to buy separate accessories.

  • Aerodynamic design:

Aerodynamic design shell works at reducing the drag of wind as you move reducing the noise of wind and buffeting. It also minimizes the pressure on your neck muscles eliminating the chances of neck fatigue.

  • Antimicrobial liner fabric:

Antimicrobial liner fabric is hypoallergenic. Such a fabric is odour resistant too. It helps you stay dry and warm even in freezing temperatures and cool in warm weather.

  • Anti-fog technology:

A snowmobile helmet with a heated shield completely eliminates fogging and icing. The lenses have an anti-fog coating on the inside and a scratch resistant coating on the outside.

  • Advanced channeling system (ACS):

An advanced channeling ventilation system has multiple intake and exhaust system that allows airflow all the way from front to back thereby dissipating heat and moisture.

  • Breath guard:

This helmet insert is adjustable. It seals your mouth and nose to ensure that your hot, moist breath does not fog up your lenses. Hot breath and cold lenses equal condensation. Look for the breath guard that seals tighlty and comfortably around your face so your breath is directed down and away from your shield. It is attached with Velcro straps or snaps. It also functions as insulation.

  • Bluetooth connectivity:

Pick the snowmobile helmet that allows you to make and take phone calls effortlessly, listen to music or radio on your phone, audio multitasking, hear GPS directions turn by turn and chat via a built-in intercom with up to seven fellow riders at a distance of up to one mile. When optimal Bluetooth speaker position is combined with Advanced noise control technology it makes your ride easier. Some helmets feature an innovative mount that allows you to attach a camera for recording all your exciting adventures.

  • Chin curtain:

A solid PU chin insert is an added protective feature that extends from one side of your chin to the other, to protect it completely from any impact.

  • Corrosion resistant:

Pick the snowmobile helmet whose shell is constructed out of sturdy ABS thermoplastic that has been reinforced with fiber and multi-density triple layers of EPS foam liner. This material is resistant to corrosion and external impacts.

  • DOT/ECE approved:

Look for the ventilation system that meets all DOT (Department of Transportation, USA) safety standards. Such ventilation systems are adjustable to changing weather conditions. For European buyers, the snowmobile should meet the safety standards of ECE.

  • Glove friendly:

Pick the snowmobile helmet that allows you to flip up or flip down its internal lenses with a single lever operation or one button system, without having to remove your gloves. Fast-open slide and easily retractable sun visor are also glove friendly.

  • Nose deflector:

A nose deflector will push breath away from your lenses or goggles.

  • Shield:

There are three types of shields or lenses: dual pane, heated shield, framed or frameless. Dual pane shields are separated by a thin layer of air, it acts as a form of insulation to limit condensation. Heated shield plugs into the electrical system of your snowmobile, it is perfect for sleeting. Framed or frameless is a matter of aesthetics. Pick the one which best suits your needs.

  • Windproof:

Make sure the windstopper liner is compact, snapping onto the foam comfort liner to guarantee windproof warmth. It must ensure breathability and moisture removal.

  • Washable wicking:

Pick the snowmobile helmet with moisture-wicking comfort liner and cheeks pads that are removable and washable. These integrate with the ventilation system to improve air flow.

  • Zonal fiber:

Pick the snowmobile helmet whose zonal fiber is built with aerospace fiberglass and heat resistant Kevlar. Zonal fiber and carbon fiber ensure safety.


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