Best Rated Snorkel Gear

So, maybe you’re starting to snorkel as a hobby for the first time, or maybe you’ve always been snorkelling but are only deciding now to buy your own set of snorkel gear. Whatever the case, snorkel gear—an absolute necessity in that case—can be hard to find. Well, maybe hard to find isn’t the best way of referring to it; simply input words into Amazon’s search bar, and you can find some. But finding the proper snorkel gear, on the other hand, can be much more difficult than it looks. You need to find gear that fits you properly, that isn’t too heavy, that looks good, that is adapted to different kinds of underwater environments.

Why Do You Need Snorkel Gear?

  • You won’t need to keep renting it out
  • Snorkeling is a lot of fun, and good exercise
  • Get closer to the natural world
  • Good snorkeling gear can last you a lifetime

Things To Consider When Buying Snorkel Gear

There are several things you need to consider when you’re purchasing snorkel gear. Safety and durability are obviously incredibly important features, so naturally you can’t abandon these essential factors. However, more than that, much of the other factors depend on how a given model fits into your lifestyle. Does the size fit you right, and does it feel too heavy or too light? Do you like the design, the structure? What about the style? Will you need to assemble it when it’s that time of year again and, if so, how long will assembly take? All of these things and more will need to be taken into account if you’re looking for snorkeling gear. Brand is another feature to watch out for as well; because snorkel gear is delicate equipment that can save your life—or make you lose it—you don’t want to grab gear by any old brand. Instead, you want something that’s safe, secure, reliable—and which you can use for years to come without having to worry.

  • Durability: That the snorkel gear you end up buying is strong and solid is absolutely essential. After all, you’re buying the gear, rather than renting it; this means that you’re fairly serious about snorkelling and that, in turn, means that you can’t settle for gear that will collapse on you after a few months. And besides, snorkeling gear that will break on you easily simply isn’t safe. You don’t know when it will stop working; it could be when you’re underwater, and—even though you’ll always have failsafes in place—that’s not a risk you ever want to take, if you can avoid it. Some risks are certainly not worth it, and going into the water with gear you’re not 100% sure about is definitely one of them. So don’t take a chance—look for gear which is reliable, safe, strong, solid—durable, in other words.
  • Brand: Brand is exceptionally important when you’re looking for snorkelling gear. Because you’re looking for a product that will help you stay alive underwater, you don’t want to go for any model that’s less than the best. Don’t go for a model that’s not known if you can help it, and make sure that any model you purchase has the proper safety checks and verifications. Such products will also hopefully have certification from organizations both for snorkelling and product quality assurance, both at the local level and the international level. Otherwise, you won’t know if a product has or hasn’t been properly certified—and that’s something you definitely want to avoid, so that you can be as safe as possible.
  • Convenience: How convenient a given set of snorkel gear is is determined by a number of factors: their size, their weight (more on that in a bit), their design—even their style. What you’ll want to look for is a model that doesn’t feel too cumbersome or ungainly, which has a design that you like, and which is designed for optimal security. Moreover, such a model should be easy to put and pack away when not in use, so that it’s easy to access when you want to take it out for snorkelling season. Another factor that affects the convenience of a given model of snorkel gear is whether or not it is easy to use.
  • Design: Although most of them follow, by and large, the same or similar mechanisms some of them might have added features which might take a little time to master. And even if such features are relatively easy to master, it can sometimes be a pain to apply them (comparable to how many of us will opt for a slip-on pair of boots, when we don’t feel like constantly untying and retying our laces every time we need to step out of the house). Style has an effect as well; if you’re going to be paying quite a bit of money for a product, it’s only natural that you’ll want it to look (and feel good), and also match the rest of your snorkeling outfit. What’s the point of paying for a good product if you don’t even like the design?
  • Weight: As we just said, finding a model with a good weight is an important part of your search for the best snorkel gear. Such a model doesn’t necessarily need to be below a certain threshold of weight—heavier models can be appropriate as well—but you’ll have to make sure that the weight won’t bother you if you’re snorkelling for relatively long periods of time. A light weight can have disadvantages as well; such gear might not be as solid, for example. Even if it is equally safe in spite of its lighter weight, however, it might not feel as safe—and the placebo effect alone is enough to make you uncomfortable and less willing to use that snorkel gear in particular.

Top 4 Best Rated Snorkel Gear and Mask

1.   Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

  • 180° full face design allows you to breathe comfortably
  • Design prevents fog from developing
  • Ideal for children and teenagers
  • Easy to use

Highly convenient and user-friendly

This mask is very convenient for a number of reasons. For one thing, it employs dry snorkel technology, which prevents the stinging salt water from getting in your mouth. In addition, this technology prevents gagging, which ensures that the experience will be safer overall. Another reason it’s user-friendly is because it’s designed in such a way that fog won’t develop when you’re moving through the water, allowing you to see clearly and easily. Because of all of these features, you won’t have to spend much time worrying getting water inside your mask or on your face—and you’ll have more time to “sit back and enjoy the breeze,” so to speak.

Neat features

This mask offers a full-face design, which has 180 degrees. Because of this, you can see your way around more easily, and you can instantly know where you’re going. This feature matches well with the GoPro Mount, which is integrated into the mask so that you can film all your underwater adventures. Finally, this design is also ideal for youths—children and teenagers—since it’s easy to use, and particularly so for those that are just learning how to snorkel for the first time.


2.   US Divers Admiral LX, Island Dry LX & Trek Premium Snorkeling Set

  • Package includes several things: mask, snorkel, trek fin, and carry bag
  • Mask has two-windows
  • Face skirt is hypoallergenic
  • The fin is dual-composite, and has a comfortable foot packet

Efficient technology

The snorkel employees Pivot Dry Technology, and is 100% submersible. Also, the mouthpiece is made out of hypoallergenic silicone. It even has of full-flex section, which comes with a purge valve. The mask has two windows, allowing you to see more clearly, from top to bottom, without any problems. The Pro-Glide buckles can be adjusted in three different ways, and the mask also features a hypoallergenic face skirt made out of silicone. Altogether, these features come together to make for a comfortable, easygoing snorkeling experience during which you can finally relax.

Great fit

All the equipment will fit well over your face, so you won’t have to worry about any excess water coming inside and making you choke. There are no leaking areas, and the silicone skirt is both comfy and seals efficiently away. As for the fins, they’re shorter than on many other models, but they work quite efficiently besides; they’re also easier to pack away when not in use.

Long-lasting security

These package—which features not only a mask and a snorkel, but also a trek fin and a convenient carry bag—is sold with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty lasts two years.


3.   Phantom Aquatics Adult Speed Sport Mask Fin Snorkel Set

  • Works more quickly and efficiently, despite less effort
  • Silicone mask has low internal volume
  • Top valve snorkel is semi-dry, preventing water from entering
  • Liquid silicone skirt offers fit designed for comfort

Works quickly and efficiently

With this snorkel mask by Phantom Aquatics, you can achieve twice the speed, with half of the amount of effort. The liquid silicone skirt has a seal that’s water-tight, with the result that water is prevented from coming in. Another feature that prevents water from coming in is the semi-dry top valve snorkel, which is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to move about comfortably in the water. Furthermore, the fins are ideal for bodyboarding, since they send a kick every time you do a stroke.

A fit designed for comfort

It comes with an Open Heel snorkeling fin; this features a strap that can be adjusted to fit you properly. In addition, the liquid silicone skirt is designed for comfort. With this snorkel set, you can set out into the water and snorkel to your heart’s content, without worrying about water getting stuck inside your mask or, worse yet, your mouth.

A range of colors

This set is available in a range of colors, with the result that you can easily identify the various divers when you’re underwater, simply by the color of the gear they’re wearing.


4.   Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set

  • Comes with a bag for your gear
  • Mask has a single lens, with a panoramic view
  • Dry-top snorkel
  • Trek fin comes with it

Everything you need

This set includes not only a dry-top snorkel, but a trek fin and a gear bag as well. The trek fin is short and powerful, but it’s so agile that it can be used for bodyboarding in addition to snorkeling. The carrying case is compact, made of plastic mesh, and it dries quickly. Altogether, the whole package is quite convenient, since you won’t have to buy a separate bag to put your stuff in.

An excellent view

The mask has a single lens, which makes for an amazing view. Because of this view, you can see all around you—not only getting a better view of the coral, the fish, and the sea life, but also a safer view, in which you can keep your friends or buddies close at hand. This allows them to be more visible to you, and so you won’t need to panic; you’ll have them in view at all times.

Keep the water out

The gear is designed in such a way that the water is kept out, which keeps you both more comfortable and more safe. You won’t have to worry about choking up—or your nose getting filled with water—if you’re using this gear.


Final Verdict

When everything’s been said and done, there are several reasons to consider purchasing snorkel gear. Buying it is more convenient, and it’s certainly more efficient than having to go rent it out from the store (or, worse yet, ask your friends for help) whenever you want to go snorkeling. Furthermore, snorkeling will allow you to get in touch with nature, as well as get some good exercising in. In other words, if you’re interested in snorkeling—whether you’re just a beginner or have been snorkeling your whole life—then consider purchasing some gear. Also consider the models we’ve referred to in this article; they come from well-known brands, so they’re of high quality and excellent make. Happy snorkeling!

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