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Outdoor trampolines are a lot of fun: you can bounce around, maybe even practice your gymnastics. Depending on how forcefully you jump off the trampoline, and how you position yourself, you might even find that you’re getting a bit of exercise out of it. And, needless to say, your kids will have a lot of fun, too; there’s nothing that entrances young’uns quite like a trampoline. And outdoor trampolines are the best; they can practice their skills, so to speak, without worrying about what Mom or Dad will say because they’ll have broken something. All of this is to say that, an outdoor trampoline might be a lot of fun for the whole family.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Trampoline

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Why Do You Need Outdoor Trampoline?

  • A lot of fun for people of different age ranges
  • Can be set up during the spring and left in your backyard until autumn
  • Portable versions are available
  • Practice your freestyling jumps

Things To Consider When Buying Outdoor Trampoline

There are, however—in spite of the awesomeness of any given model of outdoor trampoline—many things you’ll need to take into account before purchase. For example, how much does it weigh? How big is it, and can you move it around or carry it with ease? What’s the price like? Indeed, this last consideration is one of the most important ones; if a given model of outdoor trampoline doesn’t have a good price, then you simply won’t buy it. Simple as that. Thus, it’s necessary that you take this and other considerations into account before purchasing an outdoor trampoline, even if it’s not the first trampoline you’ve bought. After all, it’s best to make an informed decision, so that you’re properly happy with the item you end up choosing.

  • Weight: The weight of a trampoline is a necessary consideration. It will determine how many people can jump on the trampoline at one time, and also how heavy it is to carry across your lawn and store into storage during the winter.
  • Capacity: How many people can use the trampoline at one time? You might be thinking about getting a small model so that your kids can play on it by themselves. However, don’t discount the possibility that you might want to jump on a trampoline at the same time as your kids; bouncing is, after all, fun for the whole family. Plus, what if your kids have a friend over? For this reason, a medium-sized model might be more appropriate. And, if you hold a lot of block parties or large family reunions, then a big model might be a good choice since there could be a lot of people using it at any given time.
  • Dimensions: Similarly, how big is a given trampoline? In terms of size, actually, you can have a small model that carries only one or two children, or a large model that’s big enough for the whole family to bounce on at one time. Some models in the first category are so small that they can be carried around underneath your arm, and you won’t even break a sweat—and some models, in the second category, are so big that you can’t even move them around without help. Remember, larger models will require that someone helps you move it take it out of storage and move it around—which can present a problem if, for example, you can’t always rely on someone to come over and help you.
  • Portability: You want a model that you can carry around with relative ease since you don’t want to injure yourself moving it around. For this reason, a smaller, lighter model might be preferable. Moreover, you’ll want to be able to store it in your garage or your shed during the winter—or maybe in your basement, along with the rest of your sporting equipment. For that reason, you’ll have to be able to move it around with ease. Indeed, portability is an important consideration, even if you don’t live in a place where it snows: often you’ll find that you have to store your outdoor items because of the heavy winds, rains, or thunderstorms going on outside.

Top 4 Best Outdoor Trampoline Reviews


1.   Zupapa TÜV Certified Trampoline Kit

  • TÜV certified
  • One year warranty for jumping mats and springs
  • Three-year warranty for trampoline frames
  • German-made quality
  • Heavy-gauge 7-inch springs

Durable construction

There are several things about this model of outdoor trampoline that ensure that it’s of durable construction. For one thing, the 7-inch springs are heavy gauge. For another, it’s made from German engineering techniques, so you already know going into it that this product is of excellent, durable quality. Moreover, there are 108 galvanised springs, whereas other sellers only offer 96 springs, which ensures both better security and better bouncing ability. The net poles are much longer than can be seen in other models, and there are two steel joints. The poles and the legs are all bungled tightly in two locations so that the trampoline is both safer and more solid. Furthermore, the rust-resistant springs are rust-resistant, and because of how strong they are they also provide superior bouncing capabilities. As for the jumping mat, it’s made out of heavy-duty, UV protection polypropylene, which adds additional strength and durability. The weight capacity is 375 pounds so that you can have several people bouncing on it at the same time.

Accessories for jumping included in the order

If you purchase this model, you will receive not only the trampoline itself, but also a steel ladder, which is heavy-duty and galvanised, a safety enclosure, and a rain cover. Moreover, it’s easy to assemble this model; you won’t need to drill anything.


2.   Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

  • 200-pound capacity
  • T-sockets are reinforced
  • The enclosure net links to the jumping mat
  • The frame made of rust-resistant steel
  • Six legs for additional stability

A strong and durable design

There are several features in the Skywalker that ensure that its design is strong, durable, rugged, and solid. For example, the frame is made out of rust-resistant steel that’s also heavy-gauge. In total, there are six legs, which are shaped like the letter W; these allow for added stability. Another fact relating to the durable of the Skywalker is that the stay-put enclosure is interlocked with the jumping mat via a patented button-hole feature; this capability attaches the netting of the enclosure to the jumping surface, every time there’s V-ring eliminating the gap. The T-sockets are reinforced, with the result that the upper enclosure is stabilised, both in terms of the frame and the trampoline itself, and it also has the benefit of preventing structural twisting. The enclosure features this galvanised steel, with a T-socket placed at each enclosure joint. The material is also UV-protected, so you can use this model in different types of weather conditions.

Large design

Once it’s been assembled (some advice: it comes in two boxes), the Skywalker measures 15 feet by 15 feet by 9.5 feet. It’s recommended for people who are at least 6 years old. The weight capacity is 200 pounds, so adults can use it as well. It’s meant for backyard use.


3.   Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set Equipped with The Easy Assemble Feature

  • Easy to install
  • High-quality jumping mat is included
  • Four legs are heavy-duty
  • Capacity of 330 pounds

Durable, solid and strong

This model is solid and durable for a number of reasons. For example, the W-shaped legs are heavy-duty. There are 4 of them, and the model can hold up to 330 pounds so that adults can use it as well as children. Furthermore, it’s made out of premium PP mesh, with 8-row stitching; this kind of material is strong enough that it can grant you an additional layer of security. Moreover, this material is also effective enough that it will prevent the jumping mat from becoming torn, so that you can use this trampoline for years on end. The powder-coated steel frame is rust-resistant, as well as galvanised. The sleeve covers allow you to protect the surround posts, which are covered in foam; because the foam lasts longer, the trampoline is more durable overall. There are also push-button connectors; these connect the trampoline, powerfully and securely, to the surround posts. The spring cover is also made out of a Premium thick foam safety pad.

Accessible, user-friendly, and easy to use

Setting up this trampoline is simple and straightforward. You don’t need to worry about having trouble; the simple set-up system is designed in such a way that absolutely no complicated hardware is required, thanks to the easy assemble/disassemble enclosure poles feature.


4.   SkyBound Super 7 The Perfect Kid’s Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline, 84″ HE

  • Safety enclosure net
  • Easy installation
  • Springs are plated with yellow zinc
  • Steel tube frames are padded with safety foam

Solid and rugged design

The design of this model is solid and rugged. In part, this is because the steel tube frames are padded with safety foam. Another reason that it’s so durable and rugged is because the springs are plated with yellow zinc. The jumping mat is strong and durable, and there’s high-quality mesh netting to ensure that your kids stay safe while they’re playing. It has the hexagonal shape, which ensures both that it’s safe and secure and also that it can fit easily into a variety of different spaces. Moreover, the frame, which is made out of galvanised steel, is sturdy and solid, to the point where it’s strong enough to withstand rigorous everyday use. The enclosure net is supported by three arch-shaped frames, and there is also a thick PVC pad which prevents the user from jumping off the springs. There is a dual zipper, which is reinforced; this allows you to come in and out of the trampoline without creating any problems. The springs are 365.5 premium, and the steel gauge is 3 mm.

A lot of fun for kids

Your kids will be able to play on this trampoline for hours and hours. They will enjoy themselves, you’ll get a nice rest, and maybe you won’t even have to hear them screaming for once. Moreover, the leg shells are bright and colourful, and young children will surely appreciate these vibrant hues.

Easy to set up and install

This is because it is a complete trampoline. It also has a safety enclosure net


Final Verdict

Outdoor trampolines are a great way of having fun—for your kids to play together, to play with their friends, to play with their young relatives when their cousins are in town… You can even play on the trampoline yourself, and get up there with your spouse and older children. They really are fun for the whole family. But it can be difficult to find a good-quality outdoor trampoline that will last you for years and years, and so we’ve recommended several possible options for you in this article. Consider checking them out; they were developed by well-known brands, and as such, you can expect a high level of quality. But, either way—no matter which model you end up choosing—we wish you the best of luck in your search!

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