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If you’ve been nursing or breastfeeding your child, then you already know how important comfort is when it comes to your needs. After all, you can’t feed your baby properly if you’re not comfortable enough—and, if you don’t watch out for what you’re doing, you’ll develop back pains, muscle aches, and possibly even eye strain. Of course, you can’t account for all of this easily, and certainly not simply by adding a pillow to the experience—but even so, getting a pillow to help you nurse or breastfeed your baby is a great idea. They will help protect your back and/or your shoulders, ensure that you’re feeding your child from the proper angle, and help support the baby all the while.

Reviews of the Best Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow

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Why Do You Need Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow?

  • Protect your back, shoulders, torso and neck from unnecessary strain
  • Make things more comfortable for your baby
  • Ensure comfort while you’re bent down
  • Allow greater flexibility and range of movement while breastfeeding

Things To Consider When Buying Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow

But, even with all the benefits that can be offered by a nursing or breastfeeding pillow, it’s not always easy to find a good model. Some models might seem less expensive, but then that lower price is counterbalanced by the fact that they’re not super comfortable. Other models are more comfortable, but then they’re more expensive. Other models are comfortable and relatively inexpensive, but they don’t offer you a good range of movement (or, for that matter, they don’t allow you to be properly flexible). Thus, cost, design, comfort and range of movement are all factors to take into account. Another thing to keep in mind is the presence or absence of warranty. Warranties do seem rarer when it comes to breastfeeding pillows, but—when they’re offered—they can be an excellent feature.

  • Convenience: A nursing breastfeeding pillow has got to be convenient for you and your lifestyle. To wit: is it portable? In other words, can you travel with it? Now, admittedly this isn’t a consideration for every mother; some will prefer to have one for home, which is larger and less portable, and one for travel. But for a lot of women, travelling with a given nursing breastfeeding pillow is important, since they’re always on the go. The texture is something else you need to take into account as well; it has to feel good against your skin.
  • Warranty: Look at the warranty of your nursing breastfeeding pillow to see how long it’s insured for. Remember, any given model might be defective, and you won’t necessarily know that; it doesn’t always say in the online reviews.
  • Brand: Also keep in mind the brand of any pillow you’re interested in. Brands that are well-established are so for a reason; they have a clientele which has lasted them through the years, and customers trust their products. Of course, if you haven’t heard of a given brand—or if the brand seems to be smaller and less well-known—that’s not necessarily inherently a bad thing. Consider the reviews, both the kind you’d find in baby magazines and online; they’ll help point you in the right direction.
  • The comfort of yourself: Comfort is indispensable when it comes to purchasing any pillow, and especially so with a nursing breastfeeding pillow. Where you wear (or plan on wearing) the pillow is one consideration, for instance. Some pillows will go around your back, while others wrap around your neck. Watch out for those materials which are more comfortable for you (and your baby), and, especially, stay away from anything either of you have an allergy to. Further, some pillows have longer arms, while others have shorter arms; this will affect how far they wrap around your neck. Also, consider purchasing a slipcover; without slipcovers, the pillows can irritate your skin yet more.
  • The comfort of your baby: Your baby’s comfort is important, too; some pillows might chafe against their skin, creating a rash. Some pillows might force you into an uncomfortable position, which will affect both your baby’s position and how they feed. And other pillows might be uncomfortable because they’re too large or too small for either you or your baby. When it comes too cmft, you can never be too comfortable.

Top 4 Best Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow Reviews


1.   My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Evening Gray

  • Wrap-around design
  • Double-feature strap has Velcro and buckle
  • Backrest for good posture during feeding
  • Extra-soft slipcover included

Designed for style and comfort

There are several features that ensure that this Deluxe model is not only comfortable but stylish as well. For one thing, its wrap-around design offers a double-feature strap, which has both a Velcro system and a silent-release buckle, so it doesn’t make noise. Furthermore, there’s a helpful backrest, which will help improve your posture while you’re feeding your child, and it includes a firm, flat cushion which will prevent your baby from rolling around as you feed him or her. Even cooler, there’s a pocket that you can use to place your breastfeeding accessories, like bottles and burping clothes, in addition to your cell phone. It comes in a nice evening grey colour. It’s also ideal for larger women; they can easily feed their babies thanks to how very adjustable it is.

Very soft and plushy

This entire model is quite soft and plushy; both you and your baby will appreciate how very nice it feels against your skin. Even if you’ve been using it for quite a long session, the material won’t irritate your skin. Also, it features a fabric slipcover that not only is very soft—perfect for babies—but which will also remain fresh, even after it’s been washed dozens of times.


2.   Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow and More

  • Baby stays in place even if wiggling
  • Made in USA
  • Polyester (65%) and cotton (35%)
  • Generous size
  • Adjusts as baby grows bigger

Adjustable and versatile

There are several features that ensure that this model is adjustable and versatile. For one thing, the seat wrap is Velcro, so you can adjust the fit in a way that you prefer. Moreover, when you’re not using this seat wrap, you can tuck it away into a hidden pocket so that it’s out of sight, out of mind. It can be adjusted with no problems, which is very convenient for the baby as he or she gets bigger and eventually can transition into tummy-time support. Furthermore, there’s a U-shaped support system, which will help keep the baby in place, even if he or she wriggles around a lot. Also, the sizing is generous, so it’s ideal for both larger and smaller women. As well, this is ideal if you’ve had a C-section when giving birth.

Positive health effects

If you position this model properly, both when you’re feeding your child and when you’re lounging around, then you might find that it will help enhance your baby’s digestion, as well as reduce reflux.

Comfort and security

It’s soft and comfortable so that it won’t chafe against your skin or that of your baby. It’s also great for snuggling—for both the baby and for Mum!


3.   My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow, Fireworks

  • Backrest helps improve posture
  • Rests for arms and elbows
  • Wrap-around model
  • 100% Cotton
  • Cushion is firm and flat to prevent your baby from rolling

Incredible comfort

One great thing about this model is that it’s so very comfortable. It will feel great against your skin, and you won’t feel like your skin is chafing as a result of the contact. This is because this wrap-around model features a backrest, which will improve your posture while you’re breastfeeding, as well as rests for your arms and elbows. Thus, your back and neck won’t be sore when you’re done breastfeeding at a given time.

Convenient and easy to use

One convenient feature about this nursing pillow is that it has a pocket, which is used to store your phone, bottles, and clothes for burping, as well as other items. Furthermore, the cushion is firm and flat, which prevents your baby from rolling around or moving unnecessarily while you’re feeding him or her. When you buy this pillow, it comes with a slipcover, in addition to the pillow itself. Moreover, it’s designed in such a way that your baby will be able to latch on to you properly, and won’t slip off or lose his or her grip. Also, it’s good for mothers of larger sizes; for many of them, there’s enough excess material left on the strap, which they can tighten for a more comfortable fit.


4.   Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner, Peaceful Jungle

  • Polyester (80%) and cotton (20%)
  • American Baby readers have chosen the Boppy pillow as the #1 indispensable product for mums
  • Can be washed in the washing machine
  • Slipcover included

Very high versatility

This pillow can be used for babies who are up to one your of age. It’s quite ergonomic, which will ensure that you maintain comfort—and good posture—while you’re breastfeeding your baby, as well as bottle feeding him or her. In particular, although it’s suited for newborns and babies who are up to a year old, more specifically, it’s particularly well-suited babies who are six weeks or older. You can use it to prop your baby up so that you can feed him or her more efficiently.

Can be used for a wide variety of positions

No matter how you like to hold your baby—whether you’re breastfeeding him or bottle-feeding her—this model will support those positions that you choose. It will even support the football hold. It can also support the baby on its own, thus serving as a kind of lounger for your infant. Thus, your hands will be free—you won’t have to hold the nursing pillow—and you can hold your accessories in your hands instead, for more efficient feeding.

Convenient case

The case has a durable zip and even has plastic handles. Thus, when your baby is older, you can even use it to carry things while you’re travelling.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, getting the perfect breastfeeding or nursing pillow can be hard—there are a lot of models offered, each with their unique features—but it’s an expense you’ll need to take if/when you have your baby. It will be much more comfortable for both you and your baby, to the point that you might even develop less joint pain and fewer back injuries when you’re breastfeeding. So, don’t let yourself pass up the opportunity; a nursing or breastfeeding pillow can offer you amazing comfort, and, if it’s of higher quality, will feel nicer on the skin as well.

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