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If you enjoy framing up framed pictures, posters, and photographs in your home or business, then you might be on the lookout for a nail gun for framing. These guns will help you efficiently put nails in your pictures, so that they can be hung up neatly and in an organized fashion. In other words, they will help you make your office or living space look more organized and impressive. Thus, if you find that you often have to frame pictures, you don’t have to put in the nails by yourself. It’s one thing to put the nails inside yourself if you’ve only got a few pictures to hang up, but if you’ve got a lot of pictures to deal with, you’ll save time (and money) by purchasing a nail gun.

Reviews of the Best Nail Guns For Framing

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Why Do You Need Nail Gun For Framing?

  • A neater, more organized look
  • Work quickly and efficiently
  • Save time and money
  • Different shapes and sizes for different kinds of framers

Things To Consider When Buying Nail Gun For Framing

It can be hard to find the perfect nail gun to deal with all your framing needs, since there are so many options out there. But having all these options at hand can get pretty challenging. It’s hard to find a decent nail gun for framing to begin with, but this task gets even more difficult when you have dozens or even hundreds of options at hand. There are so many things to take into account: safety, size, cost, durability, and many others. You can’t really go without missing on these factors, since each of them will determine an important aspect of the nail gun experience: how long you own it for, what you can do with it, how fast you can do your tasks with it….

  • Size: The size of the nail gun for framing is, at this point, fairly standardized—but that doesn’t mean all models are exactly the same size. In reality, there are disparities between how large or how small they are, and these disparities have very real effects. For example, larger models tend to be heavier and more ungainly, where lighter models are easy to carry, which has the natural benefit of creating less strain on your wrists, arms, and even hands. The size isn’t necessarily an indicator, naturally—the box will tell you how much a given product weighs—but it’s definitely something you’ll need to take into account. Furthermore, the size will also affect, to some degree, how comfortable a given nail gun is when you’re manipulating it; larger sizes might be better suited for those with larger hands, and vice versa for smaller models and shorter people.
  • Safety: Safety is always a necessary consideration when you’re looking to purchase any kind of power tool. After all, if a model isn’t completely safe, it’s simply not worth your time—full stop. There’s no point in considering purchasing such a model; nail guns are dangerous, and one wrong move could lead to a bad injury, if not worse. In order to account for safety, take careful precautions. Watch out for certifications from consumer organizations and quality-assurance organizations, the domestic and international. If a product doesn’t have any certifications and you haven’t heard of the brand, stay away. The company has no reason for their products not to be properly certified, so—if there’s no certification—that’s definitely a warning sign. Similarly, look out for online reviews, even if there are certifications; if several users are pointing out that they had problems in terms of security, then you’ll want to avoid those models.
  • Durability: It’s essential that a given nail gun is durable. It’s a power tool, and it’s always preferable that power tools last several years before wearing themselves out. Moreover, who knows how many paintings and pictures you’ll have to frame over the course of your lifetime? That kind of thing isn’t always easily estimated. Thus, you should definitely go for a model that’s more durable; such models will last years and years, and you can use them time and time again without worrying about damaging them because they’re made with a lower-quality design. Moreover, why should you give your money over to a company that doesn’t make quality products? Yeah, that’s what I thought; you shouldn’t. Save your money for the best products at the best prices—the ones that will last you a nice long amount of time.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency is another factor to consider when you’re purchasing a new nail gun for framing. How fast does it work? How efficiently can it get the frame up and mounted on the picture? Will everything be in its proper place when you’re done, or are you likely to find one of the nails sticking out half a centimeter a few months down the road? All of these are things you’ll have to consider in terms of efficiency. After all, if a product isn’t properly efficient, then it might not necessarily be worth it. It’s true, if a given model takes more time to work, then that’s not necessarily a bad thing, depending on how pressed for time you are—but if the gun doesn’t do its work properly in the first place (and reviewers report that this was the case for them, when they bought that model), then you’ll want to stay far away.

Top 4 Best Nail Guns For Framing Reviews


1.   BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer with Positive Placement Tip and Magnesium Housing

  • Two quick-change nosepieces allows you to convert to framing or use for metal connectors
  • 1 framing nailer is included
  • Housing is lightweight and made out of magnesium
  • Grip and integrated ski pads made out of rubber

Easy to use

This product is simple and easy to use, inasmuch as it is well-suited to different purposes. You can use it for sheathing, bracing, and subflooring in addition to framing. Moreover, the instruction manual makes everything clear and easy to understand, so that you can get it up and running in no time. Because of this, this model is an ideal choice for both professionals and for those who enjoy framing as a hobby.

Convenience and ease of use

The casing is made out of magnesium and is lightweight, so you can easily pick this framer up when you need to move it around and maneuver it. Moreover, the layout indicator measures a full 16 inches, and the quick-change nosepieces allow you to work with both metal connector nails and plastic-collated nails. You can achieve 1,050 inches per pound to 8.1 pounds of driving power; this power-to-weight ratio is quite good, when compared with that of other models; it might even be the best ratio when it comes to framers of its class and size. Indeed, the magazine is also of high capacity, and can hold up to 60 plastic-collated 21-degree nails for framing, or, if you’re using metal connector nails, 60 of those. Furthermore, the nail depth can be adjusted, thanks to the patented push-button mechanism.


2.   NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer

  • Trigger lets you fire sequentially or single
  • Easy depth adjustment, for higher versatility
  • Uses: roof decking, wall framing, fences made out of wood, sub floors
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism included

High versatility

There are several features that ensure that this model is of high versatility. For example, you can fire sequentially or in single mode, thanks to the trigger, which has two mods available. Moreover, it’s ideal for a number of different purposes, including (but not limited to) wooden fences, wall frames, roof decking, and sub floors. You can depth adjust for all of these different applications as well, and the anti-dry fire mechanism kicks in once 5 nails are left in the magazine. You can also keep your working surfaces nice and protected thanks to the No-Mar Tip feature. The adjustable depth is ideal when you’re switching from one size of nails to another, which in turn helps making sure that the nails are straight and flush. Because of the depth adjustment feature, you can shoot nails at opposite angles, and even make it so that both their heads are sticking straight up.

Works very well

This model is very efficient at what it does; you won’t suffer from any jams or misfires. It’s a good choice for non-professionals especially and is a great deal for the price you end up paying. You won’t have to hurt yourself anymore, either; your arm won’t tire as quickly as it would the other models. You can hold the picture with one hand, and then use your other hand to fire the frame.


3.   Hitachi NR90AES1 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Plastic Collated Framing Nailer

  • Selective actuation: by flipping a switch, seamless change between sequential and contact nailing
  • Two-step nail loading makes reloading fast and simple
  • Depth adjustment does not require tools
  • Disassemble it quickly

Next generation industrial design process

This feature, which was developed by Hitachi, allows you to disassemble the frame more easily. The head guard has been recently redesigned, so that dissembling is not only easier but faster and less painful as well—with the result of this being, of course, that you’ll save a significant amount of time. Furthermore, you can easily switch from the bump and sequential fire, thanks to the switch of selective actuation. This two-step process makes fastening your nails faster and more efficient, and significantly reduces downtime. In addition, it’s easy to repair this model, thanks to the fact that the magazine, which has two pieces, is made out of anodized aluminum.

Lightweight model

This model weighs less than 8 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around and manipulate. You can even use it for long hours at a time; it might hurt you a little, but you won’t have to worry about excessive muscle strain that you can’t handle.

Work optimally

There are several features which ensure the optimal nature of this model. The depth adjustment doesn’t require any tools, with the result that you can countersink or flush drive into many different materials with ease. Also, the rubber grip is comfortable, with the result that you’ll be able to hold it securely and work with less discomfort and even injuries.


4.   Dewalt Nailer Framing 20v Li Dual Spd

  • There isn’t a hose that you can trip over
  • The motor doesn’t have any brushes, and there are no air compressors
  • Easily disable the trigger when you’re not using it
  • Simple access to the nose pieces allows you to easily take out nails that are stuck

Minimalistic and simplistic

This model is minimalistic for a number of reasons. For one, the motor doesn’t have any brushes. For another, you won’t be able to trip over the hoses with this model, since it has no hoses—which makes setting it up and installing it that much simpler. And it also doesn’t have air compressors to give it energy and power, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Optimal efficiency

With this model, you can shoot nails, both common and galvanized, with ease. Indeed, it works seamlessly and flawlessly. The battery life lasts quite a long time, even though it doesn’t gain energy from compressors, which means that you can definitely get your money’s worth out of this model of framing nail gun. As a matter of fact, the battery lasts 8 hours or more.

Convenience of usage

This model is convenient to use for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s easy to access the nosepiece, which by extension makes it easier to remove any nails that have got stuck or jammed inside. Also, the trigger lock-off function allows you to disable the trigger when it’s not being used, which allows for a safer experience overall.


Final Verdict

All in all, finding that perfect nail gun for all your framing needs can be a difficult task, but it’s definitely worth it. A good gun will save you time and money, and it will help you make your office space or living space look neater and more organized. It will also even make your place look more stylish, which is always a bonus. After all, posters and pictures are a great choice for beautifying a space and making it look beautiful and perfect. How cool is that? So, when you’re looking for a new nail gun for framing, consider the choices we’ve offered here. They’re made by excellent companies with great reputations, and they will support you for years and years. Neat!


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