Best Inflatable Bounce House

Inflatable bounce houses are incredible. They’re so much fun! Jumping around inside one, bouncing up and down, enjoying both the feeling of the movement as well the lovely coloring and the beautiful design—well, these pleasures aren’t just reserved for kids alone. In fact, inflatable bounce houses are fun for the whole family and will provide you and your family with hours upon hours of entertainment. It’s not always easy to keep young children entertained, but a bouncy house is an excellent way of doing so. Moreover, they’re great to have around at parties (both birthday and otherwise), as well as family reunions. The kids can have fun together while jumping up and down on it.

Reviews of the Best Inflatable Bounce House

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Why Do You Need Inflatable Bounce House?

  • Ideal for large events with a lot of kids
  • Keep your children entertained for hours on end
  • Solid and durable; will last for years
  • Fun, colorful designs and shapes will appeal to kids of all ages

Things To Consider When Buying Inflatable Bounce House

If you’re considering purchasing an inflatable bounce house, however, there are several things you’ll need to take into account. For example, is it safe? Does it work properly? Will it hold up through the years? What’s the cost like, and how well will it fit in your backyard? Where, exactly, are you planning on placing it? These considerations must be taken into account; if you don’t, you might end up making a purchase you regret. Thus, do careful research before you set out to buy anything so that you don’t make a mistake you regret. Better safe than sorry, after all; you don’t want to learn things the hard way unless you absolutely have no choice.

  • Dimensions: The size of your bounce house is one thing you can’t not consider. For example, it has to fit inside your yard or your front yard. If it doesn’t fit, then you’ll most likely have to return it. In order to consider the dimensions of the bounce house, look at the measurements on the package. However, these might not be a hundred percent accurate; the size will depend in part on how much air is inside the bounce house, and also on the weather and atmosphere outside. Therefore, when you’re purchasing your inflatable bounce house, you must make sure there’s a bit of leeway in terms of the size—that is, there has to be a margin of space around the house so that it’s more comfortable.
  • Capacity: How many people can fit inside the bounce house? One factor that affects this will be what kinds of parties you plan on throwing. If you have a smaller family and closer, more intimate friends, then a small inflatable bounce house might be appropriate. But if you like throwing large family reunions and block parties, then a larger model might be preferable.
  • Security: Security of the bounce house is another important consideration. In order to be properly safe, a given model must stay inflated for a reasonable amount of time and must be able to support the stated weight without there being a risk of anyone falling down, or without the structure collapsing. Of course, usually you can be assured of these things when you’re purchasing a new model since naturally, almost all models are safe—but be very wary of a model that has received bad reviews because it’s not properly secured.
  • Warranty: Warranty is something else to think about when buying an inflatable bounce house. It’s true that not all models have one, and, for most of them, that’s usually fine. However, a warranty is a nice bonus, since you’ll have more guarantees in case, by some chance, your bounce house does stop working properly.
  • Cost: You can’t purchase a bounce house without taking cost into account. If a given model is too expensive, after all, you won’t buy it—no matter how much fun it might seem like it will be. So, carefully scour reviews and magazines to find a model that fits in not only with your needs (and your kids’ tastes) but also with your budget.

Top 4 Best Inflatable Bounce House Reviews


1.   Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

  • Three mesh sides prevent kids from falling down
  • Parents can watch while their kids play
  • Solid stakes keep the bouncer on the ground
  • Material is resistant to punctures
  • Outdoor home usage

Safe and durable

One great thing about this model is that it’s very safe and durable. For instance, there are three mesh walls on the sides of the bouncer. This is ideal not only because parents can look in, so that they can make sure that their kids are doing all right, but also because it will prevent the kids from falling off the bouncer. Furthermore, the walls are tall, which also acts as a barrier that prevents the children from falling down or injuring themselves. Another reason it’s so durable is because the stakes are driven solidly into the ground, with the result that there’s no risk of the bouncer collapsing and injuring the little ones. Moreover, the material it’s made out of is resistant to punctures, which adds to the safety, durability, and security of this model.

Easy and convenient access

The jumping area is large, allowing a lot of room for little ones to bounce and move around in. Moreover, there are two mesh doors—these are located at the back of the bouncer—which makes it easy for them to come in and out of the model. Also, this model can hold up to a total weight limit of 250 pounds, which means that several children can use it at the same time—or even one or two adults.


2.   Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

  • Can hold 3 kids at a time
  • Comes with a blower
  • When deflated, the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to inflate

Durable design

The bouncing floor is made out of commercial-grade vinyl, which is reinforced. Another benefit is that it’s got safety netting, which is another feature that will help keep your kids safe and sheltered while they play. The dimensions are 8.5’ feet width by 11 feet length by 8 feet height. The impact surfaces are commercial-grade, and the assembly features double- and even quadruple-stitching, in addition to the X-weave material, which enables additional strength and durability. At the factory, quality control is enacted at several stages for maximum security.

Convenient and easy to use

Several features ensure that this bouncy house is both easy to use and accessible. First of all, it only takes less than 3 minutes to blow it up and inflate it properly. Furthermore, while it is low enough that it can fit within standard ceilings, it’s also tall enough so that the kids can stay safely inside without you needing to worry that they’ll fall out. Because it’s so small, your kids can use it inside as well as outside, and you won’t have to worry about there not being enough space for it. It even comes with a blower, as well as straps for storage and instructions on setup and usage.


3.   Bounceland Ultimate Combo Bounce House

  • Made out of Terylene/Laminated Oxford Terylene
  • Coated with PVC
  • Includes a UL blower; 120 V
  • Materials cannot be punctured
  • Quadruple stitching

Strong and durable, for better security and safety

There are several features that ensure that this model is adapted to better security and safety. For example, it features quadruple stitching for additional strength and vigor. Moreover, it’s made out of Terylene/Laminated Oxford Terylene, and coated with PVC. It’s also nice and big, which allows your kids greater safety and freedom of movement. To be specific, when it’s inflated, it measures 12 feet long by 10 feet wide by 8 feet high. There are big pillars all around the structure; these ensure that it remains strong, durable, and fights against the possibility of collapse or falling down. The heavy materials it’s made of cannot be punctured.

Very user-friendly

This model of bounce house is very user-friendly.This is because it’s easy to set up and put away when you’re not using it. Moreover, it takes less than a minute to inflate this model, so you know it’s of good quality. It features bright colors that the kids will love, as well as a fun slide shape. It comes with a 90-day limited warranty as well. Bounceland is a well-known company, and they have made themselves many thousands of satisfied customers over the years.


4.   Bounceland Castle W/Hoop Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer

  • Made out of Terylene/Laminated Oxford Terylene
  • Coated with PVC
  • Includes a UL blower
  • Materials are too durable for puncturing
  • Heavy-duty build with quadruple stitching

Safe, durable design for maximum security

There are several features that ensure the safety of this model. For example, the materials it’s made out of are heavy-duty, quite strong—to the point where they can’t be punctured—and they have quadruple stitching on them so that every stitch is properly reinforced. In addition, there is a Velcro opening, which makes it easy for children to come in out of the bouncy castle.

Many additional features

This model is not simply a bounce house. On the contrary, it is also in the shape of a castle. As well, there is a basketball hoop, and it comes with a pack that features the ground stakes so that you can drive it into the ground of your backyard or front yard. Furthermore, in addition to coming with an instruction manual, it’s also sold with a repair kit, so that you can repair it easily should any problems develop. It also comes with a UV blower, which can use to inflate this model in a record amount of time. There’s also a big carry bag, which ensures that this model is properly portable.

Well-known company

Bounceland is an excellent company, and thousands of families have been satisfied with their products throughout the years.


Final Verdict

If you’re looking to buy an inflatable bounce house of your very own, then you should consider the models we’ve mentioned here. However, if you find that they’re not for you, then that’s fine too; you can find a good model if you know where to look. So, we hope you have the best of luck in your search for the perfect bounce house (or the bouncy castle, or bouncy boat, or…); what with the large range of items and selections offered on the market—and the potentially fickle tastes of your children—you’re going to need it. Good luck to you!

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