Best Home Brewing Beer Making Kit

If you’ve been considering purchasing a beer brewing kit, then it seems likely that you’re already familiar with how difficult the search can be. There are so many models offered on the market, and having that much choice can get confusing. Moreover, there are a lot of characteristics you’ll need to think about—things like size, speed, and functionality —and such characteristics only complicate the task. But you will no doubt be able to find the model that’s perfect for you. As a matter of fact, we’ve written this guide to help provide you with that little additional push, so read on to see what you should be taking into account during your search.

Reviews of the Best Home Brewing Beer Making Kits

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Why Do You Need Home Brewing Beer Making Kit?

  • Make homemade beer at a fraction of the cost
  • Share beer with family and friends
  • Fun and rewarding
  • Save money and time

Things To Consider When Buying Home Brewing Beer Making Kit

If you’d like to purchase a new beer brewing kit, then there are several things you’ll have to take into account. For instance, does the model you’re interested in offer the ability to sanitize the equipment, or only clean it? What material is the airlock made out of, and how durable is the fermenter? What is the output like—i.e., how much beer can you make with a given model of beer brewing kit? And finally, how much expertise is required to use a given model of brewing kit? If you’re using a model meant for beginners and smaller brewers, it will allow you to make one or two gallons of beer at a time; models for those with more expertise can make more beer at once.

  • Cleaning capacity: In order to clean your beer brewing kit properly, you’ll have to look at the cleaning materials that are sold as part of the ensembl. For example, some kits offer cleaning options. Cleaning refers, in this context, to removing the buildup and residue which appears on the fermenters, the bottles, and the other equipment. But some capacities also offered the possibility of sanitizing, in which bacteria on the surfaces of the kit are killed, right before the brewing step begins. Sanitizing is more efficient, and makes your beer safer.
  • Airlock: The airlock—a piece of plastic that’s filled with water or neutral alcohol, up to a certain level, that’s marked on the plastic—can be made out of different materials. For example, they can be made out of a semipermeable material; these make it so that gas can escape, as well as preventing foreign objects from coming inside your alcohol while it’s being fermented. A waterless kind of airlock is also available; these employ a kind of S-shaped curve to protect your beer from foreign agents.
  • Durability of the fermenter: Durability is an important aspect to consider when you’re purchasing any kind of product. In the case of the fermenter, this large plastic bucket must be properly durable, since it’s not difficult to get them all scratched up by mistake. Depending on how much you use them—and the method you use to clean them—you might need to replace it fairly often. Thus, search for a model whose fermenter will not get scratched easily, and which will also be easy to clean.
  • Output: How much beer can you make with one single beer brewing kit? Many models are small-batch kits, in that they will allow you to make one or two gallons (one gallon is about nine or ten bottles of beer) at once. This is ideal if you’re just a beginner, or if you’re making beer just for fun. However, if you plan on making more than one or two gallons at a time (such as if you make and sell your own bottles, for example), then you’ll have to go look for a model that has a higher output.
  • Level of expertise: If you’re beginning to work with a brewing kit for the very first time, then you’ll naturally angle towards those which are simpler and which have fewer features. However, if you’re a good brewer and are looking to update your current kit, then you’ll seek out those models which have more abilities, greater capacity, and more features. For example, small-batch kits are ideal for beginning brewers.

Top 4 Best Home Brewing Beer Making Kit Reviews


1.   Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit

  • Fermenter is lightweight, shatterproof, and reusable
  • Includes 11 reusable bottles of 25 ounces
  • Make all kinds of alcohol, including beer, cerveza, and pilsner
  • Beer consistently tastes great

Excellent taste of beer

The alcohol you’ll prepare with this kit will taste great, every time. You can make all kinds of beer, too; you can make Czech pilsners, Mexican cervezas, American lagers, and countless others. You can make these with the brewing extracts that are included with this kit. Each extract will help you brew up 2 batches (aka 4 gallons, or 32 pints) of alcohol.

Everything you need to get started

This kit will give you everything you need to start brewing beer, whether you’re a beginner or have been doing it for a while. For example, there is a lightweight, shatterproof, reusable fermenter, which is based on the design of the fermenters of professional brewers, and which can hold 2 gallons, or 16 pints, of beer; the brewing extracts; 11 shatterproof, reusable bottles of 25 ounces each, for storing your finished beer; and carbonation drops, which have been already measured out. The drops are meant so that you can carbonate your alcohol without making a mess, and the bottles are specialized for efficient carbonating. The plastic bottles even allow you to do a squeeze test—i.e., you can squeeze them, to see if the alcohol has finished carbonating, and they will remain sealed all the while.


2.   BSG Gold DP-GFZY-7I2K Beer Homebrew Kit with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

  • Glass carboy fits 6 gallons
  • Inexpensive; worth the price
  • Comes with all the equipment you need
  • Includes handbook with instructions and information

Everything you need to get started

All the tools and supplies you’ll need to get started are included in this kit. For example, there is a fermenting bucket, which can hold a full 7.8 gallons of beer; a manual, which includes instructions; a lid, drilled and grommet, rack and fill kit; a carboy, which is made out of glass and which measures 6 gallons; a thermometer for fermentation, or fermometer; a small, buon vino drilled stopper; a triple-scale hydrometer; a spigot for bottling your brew; a 3-piece airlock; a bottle brush; a double lever capper; and an 8-pack of c-brite sanitizer. The whole thing even comes in a nice box, which makes it a great choice if you want to give this set out as a gift.

Includes a list of everything included

Moreover, everything is listed when you purchase this, so you know exactly what you’re getting in the package, even if you don’t have the order form out and front of you. This just makes things more convenient all around.

Make a lot of beer

You can make a lot of brew with this kit. After all, the fermenting bucket measures a full 7.8 gallons. This is convenient in that you can use this kit many times; it will have a long lifespan.


3.   Homebrew Beer Brewing Starter Kit with Block Party Amber Ale

  • Includes all the equipment you’ll need
  • Excellent for first-time brewers
  • Yield: 5 gallons
  • Fermenter is 6.5 gallons

Everything you’ll need to brew is included

Everything that you might need for your brewing adventures is included in the package. More specifically, there is a recipe kit, a bucket for bottling, complete with spigot assembly; 5 feet of siphon tubing, as well as siphon tube holder; a brew kettle, which holds up to 5 gallons; a stainless spool auto siphon; a bottle brush; an oxygen wash cleaner/sanitizer; a bottle capper and caps; a fermenter of 6.5 gallons, with a lid and a Bubbler airlock. Once you’ve made the beer with this kit, you’ll find that it makes 5 gallons of beer at once. However, be aware that you’ll need to purchase about 50 beer bottles (the kind that accept caps that can be pried off) to work this kit, as unfortunately they’re not included.

An excellent choice for beginners

Several features ensure that this brew kit is a great choice for those just starting out as homebrewers. For example, it features user-friendly, easy-to-understand instructions. Moreover, you can start working with it right out of the box, even if you’ve never tried to brew your own beer before. As a result, it makes a great gift for those who love drinking beer and making their own food and drinks.


4.   Coopers DIY Home Brewing 6 Gallon Craft Beer Making Kit

  • Fermenter is 6 gallons
  • Comes with a refill pack for lager
  • Comes with all the equipment you’ll need
  • Reusable, and can be used time and again

Package has everything you’ll need

If you need a new home-brewing kit—whether you’re a beginning brewer, or have been doing it for a long time—then this is a great choice, in that it features everything you’ll need to make great beer. You’ll find that there’s a fermenter, 30 reusable O2 barrier bottles with caps, a lager refill pack, a bottling wand, a hydrometer, a mixing spoon, and even an instructional DVD, so that you can learn everything you need to know. Moreover, the 30 bottles—which are reusable, and which are made of PET—can hold 740 mL, and their O2 barrier will ensure that your beer stays fresh for a longer amount of time. The DVD makes everything as simple as possible for first-time brewers so that they—just like their more experienced counterparts—can make batches upon batches of high-quality malt beer.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

In addition, all the equipment in this kit is completely reusable, with the result that you can make great-tasting beer time and time again and not have to stress out over environmental concerns. You can also make 6 gallons of beer at on time; this has the advantage of making the most out of your ingredients and the kit in general.


Final Verdict

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful for you in your search for the perfect beer brewing kit. After all, we all know how difficult it can be to find a model that’s right for us, what with the plethora of models that are available for purchase. You might even find that the one you end up choosing is one of the ones we’ve recommended. They were all made by well-known companies with excellent reputations. Moreover, they all have several amazing reviews, both on Amazon and on other websites, so you already know that they’re of high quality. Good luck in your search !

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