Best Rated Golf Swing Analyzers

Golf swing analyzers are handy little things, aren’t they? They make notes on how you’re playing your game—how fast your club head is moving, the path of your ball, and various angles. Some of them are even a touch more useful, in that they send all this helpful information straight to your mobile device. With them, you can keep an eye on how your game is improving over time, which moves are most efficient for your body type and club type, and which types of courses and trajectories you need to work on. You can also compare your metrics with those of your friends and even of famous players, to see how you’re stacking up.

Why Do You Need Golf Swing Analyzer?

  • Improve your game by observing the statistics
  • Learn how to reduce injury by altering your movements
  • Learn how to improve the longevity of your golf clubs
  • Save time when learning how to improve your swing
  • Track your progress over time

Things To Consider When Buying Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf swing analyzers are still a fairly new addition to the game, so it can be difficult of find one that’s a good choice for you. There are several things you’ll have to take into account if you’re looking for one. For instance, does it have a camera and, if so, what’s the frame rate like? Does it include a library of the swings of tour players? Do you have to attach sensors directly onto your body, or simply onto your club? Does it include nifty features like 3D rendering? All of these (and more) are things you’ll have to look at when you’re considering getting a golf swing analyzer. It’s true that there are a lot of factors, but that’s only because there are many elements that come into play so that you can make the perfect swing.


Some golf swing analyzers have cameras. Although these often enable greater accuracy, they often make it so that the machine is more expensive than it would be otherwise. If you’re considering a model that has a camera, look up online reviews. Is the camera genuinely helpful, or does it just add inaccurate statistics which won’t help you at all? Is the footage clear enough so that you can spot those things which you need to change?

Mobile Capability

Golf swing analyzers that have mobile capability are more convenient than their non-connected counterparts, but there are still some things to watch out for. Is a given analyzer with your phone’s operating system? Do you have to pay any additional fees to sign up for this kind of system? There are clear benefits to mobile capability, though; you can easily download the results and, in many cases, transfer them to a spreadsheet.


Sensors can go onto your body, onto the club, or both. If you’re considering a model that has sensors, go for one that has a more comfortable fit. It can take hours and hours to improve your game, even if you’re using a swing analyzer, and it will be difficult to play for hours on end if you’re in pain. As for the sensor(s) that will go on your club, how heavy are they? Again, it will be difficult to play for a long enough time if you’re having trouble carrying your club because of the sensors that you’ve placed on it.


Golf swing analyzers come with a variety of prices attached to them. However, just because a given model is more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s any better than the others. Consult online reviews to see if the model that you’re interested in will be worth the price it costs.

Data and Information Access

Are classes or guides included with the analyzer? If these are available, not only will they make it easier to use the device, but they’ll also make it easier to improve your game overall. Do you have access to tour libraries of professional players? What about access to your friends’ metrics? How much information on your own metrics can you store with your own analyzer? And in terms of this data, can you understand it? Sometimes, it might be so complicated that it goes right above your head—but overly simplified information models aren’t necessarily preferable. Go for a model of analyzer that gives you data that is complex enough for you to draw decent conclusions from it, but which is presented in a way that you can easily understand.

Top 4 Best Golf Swing Analyzers


1.   Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

  • Several metrics, including speed and plane of club, tempo, and length of backswing
  • Analysis is in 3D so that it can be understood more easily
  • Compare your swings to those of pro athletes (PGA and LGA)
  • Customize your training regime

High-impact analysis

You can see your swing in motion, in 360 degrees and from every angle. In addition, the analysis is in 3D, which makes it easier to understand (and consequently learn from).

Smart coach included

This analyzer features a smart coach that provides you with customized turning programs that come to you from professional players and instructors. This is complemented by the fact that you can compare your metrics to those of the pros to see how you can stack up (and what you need to improve on).

Very affordable

This analyzer costs less than 200$, so it’s a significantly cheaper option than several other models on the market. Despite its low price, however, you’ll find that you’re getting a high-quality device that’s worth every penny.


2.   Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

  • Includes a glove mount
  • Features a Zepp sensor, which is also compatible with Zepp’s baseball bat and tennis racket
  • Comes with training, drills and tips from pros
  • Use the 3D and video features to compare yourself to the greats
  • Small and lightweight
  • High memory capacity: up to 8 hours (2000 swings)

Takes into Account Many Metrics

When measuring your swing, this analyzer takes into account several facts, including (but not limited to) the speed of the club’s head, the tempo, the position of your backswing, the rotation of your hips, the path of your hand, and the plane of your swing.

Replay Your Swings from Every Angle

With this device, you can replay and review videos of your swings at 360 degrees. The video is in HD, so you can easily understand exactly what went right (and wrong) with your swings.

Compatible with Many Systems

This tiny device is compatible with many systems, including both cell phones (iPhones and Android phones) as well as other mobile devices (iPads and iPod Touches). As a result, no matter whether you’re a “Mac or Android (or both) kind of person, you’ll be able to use it with your devices. The Zepp sensor that comes with it is even compatible with other sports accessories (although you’ll need the right mounts for them).


3.   M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer

  • 9-axis system is very accurate
  • Takes into account many metrics: club path, face angle, club-head speed, and attack angle
  • Watch your swing from 360 degrees
  • Lightweight
  • Approved by David Leadbetter, a golf instructor known all over the world for his skill

Attaches onto your club with no hassle

This device has an advantage in that it attaches easily onto the end of your club. Furthermore, because it doesn’t weigh a lot, you won’t have to worry about swinging a heavy thing around, potentially causing injury to your arm muscles and joints. This will help you play for longer periods of time (and is good for your health, to boot).

High accuracy

This device features a 9-axis system, which allows you to reap the benefits of high accuracy. Combined with the several metrics that this system takes into account—including club path, angle, speed of your club head—all of this ensures that your shots are more accurate than ever before. You will now be able to hit great shouts (and maybe even get a hole in one).

Mobile applicability

Thanks to the mobile applications of this analyzer, you can access your information on your mobile systems. This is especially convenient these days, seeing as everyone and their grandmother has a cell phone. Another reason it’s convenient is that bending down to look at the statistics on a tiny device is uncomfortable, in addition to not particularly helpful—but if you upload the statistics onto your phone, you can then download them onto your PC or tablet and examine the results at length, thus enabling you to develop strategies to improve play.


4.   Blast Golf 360 Swing and Stroke Analyzer

  • Has all the metrics you’ll need
  • Captures high-quality video, which can easily be replayed
  • Compatible with many current models of iOS and Android phones
  • Instantly takes note of your metrics
  • Sensor attaches easily to the end of almost any model of regulation driver or putter
  • Has received Golf Digest’s Best of the 2016 PGA Show award

Ease of use

This swing analyzer is user-friendly. You won’t need to change your playing style to use it, for one thing. For another, it’s easily attached to your regulation driver or batter, and is compatible with most models of these clubs. The device doesn’t feature any confusing or clunky buttons that will get in your way. It is compatible with most Android and iOS devices on the market today, including both phones and tablet computers. With its Internet connectivity, you can share your states on Facebook and Twitter, and even with your e-mail client.

Real-time video capture

The real-time video is captured incredibly quickly, and you can replay it as well. Thanks to this feature, you can easily check out how well you’re playing, and spot things to improve on. The capture technology is strong enough that it can identify high-energy events, with the result that your putting metrics (loft, lie, rotation change, and swing speed) can be shown alongside your highlights.

Includes information to help you improve

This device—which was designed by professionals in the field—includes videos to help you improve your performance. These include videos of both tips and drills that you can practice with. The metrics can be overlaid with your blast highlights, which makes it easy for you to see what you need to work on—and, conversely, what you’re doing well.


Final Verdict

Ultimately, even though it can be difficult to find the perfect model of golf swing analyzer, it’s good to know that several models have got your back. More specifically, four of such models are the Blast Golf 360 Swing and Stroke Analyzer, the M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer, the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer, and the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer. You won’t go wrong if you choose one of these models. From their high accuracy to ease of use to light weight, they’re well-suited to many golf players and play styles, both amateur and professional. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for a new golf swing analyzer (or, perhaps, the first one you’ll ever own), then you should give these models some serious thought. Who knows? They might just be the perfect model for you. Good luck with your search—and happy swinging!

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