Best Portable Greenhouse Kit

Want to get some gardening in with the greenhouse blues, but simply don’t have space on your property? In that case, you might find that a portable greenhouse kit is worth it for you. Greenhouses are convenient to have in the first place—they considerably lessen your troubles about the weather, pests, and the possibility of your plants stretching over onto your neighbour’s’ property—but they’re not exactly easy to carry around. Thus, given all the potential advantages of using a portable greenhouse kit, you shouldn’t cast the greenhouse idea aside entirely.

Why Do You Need Portable Greenhouse Kit?

  • Are convenient for gardeners of different skill levels
  • a durable investment that will last several years
  • can be set up even in small outdoor spaces
  • come in a huge variety of styles, colours, and sizes

Things To Consider When Buying Portable Greenhouse Kit

If you’re interested in getting a portable greenhouse kit, however, there are several things you’ll need to take into account. First up is how much space your property has. No matter how convenient a portable greenhouse kit might be, you’re going to be a bit screwed if your property is too small to have one in the first place. Moreover, you’ll have to consider what your budget is like. This should always be one of your top considerations, regardless of what you’re looking to purchase. Finally, you’ll naturally have to consider what you’re going to be using your portable greenhouse kit for. If you’re using it for smaller crops or a smaller harvest overall, then a smaller model might be more appropriate—whereas, conversely, a larger model might be more efficient for larger gardening projects.

  • Is this my first portable greenhouse kit? It’s best to be careful at all times when buying a portable greenhouse kit, and especially so if it’s your first one. After all, you don’t want to mess up by buying something expensive and of high quality—but which you never end up using. Instead, get one that’s reasonably priced, but which you know will be a good home for plants. Also, do all the homework and research necessary, so that you can know what kind of plants grow in the area and how you must care for them. You don’t want to get stuck by something silly like that.
  • What’s my budget like? Portable greenhouse kits aren’t exactly cheap, so you’ll have to watch out for this. Be wary of models that seem too cheap, because of bad manufacturing or cheap make (and not because that particular model is simply on sale); they might not be worth your time, though the prices are appealing. Conversely, be wary of models that are too expensive as well; while you might get the same amount of quality that was advertised to you in the sale description, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, sellers can just lie to your face—and you can’t always do anything about it.
  • What do I plan to do with the greenhouse? Greenhouses can be used to grow plants like vegetables and fruit, of course, but simply using them for flowers is an option as well. Also to be considered is the possibility of using it to grow herbs, which taste delicious and which will spruce up any meal. Aside from these things, you’ll also want to consider how many plants you can, realistically speaking, fit inside your greenhouse. They’ll need to have enough space to “breathe” properly, and enough room for you to maneuver yourself inside.
  • Will I have the space to hold one? In general, portable greenhouse kits are convenient if you have even a patio (although, in that case, it must be large patio). You don’t necessarily need a backyard (although, without either a backyard or a large patio, you’re going to have a bad time, as a popular saying goes). Moreover, if your space is smaller, then the greenhouse must be larger, and a similar principle applies if you have a larger space.
  • Will this model last a nice long time? Even though they’re portable, a portable greenhouse kit isn’t much help if it won’t last a long time. Ensure that the models you’re interested in seem relatively durable, judging by the quality of the material and the design. If you’re purchasing online, be sure to have a look at online reviews.

Top 4 Best Portable Greenhouse Kits

1.   Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

  • Ideal for seedlings and young plants
  • Good accessibility: roll-up door has a zipper, e.g.
  • Strong frame of steel
  • Only takes a few minutes to assemble

Great for smaller spaces

Owing to its small size—this model is a tower-shaped structure, some 63 inches high—the Gardman is a great choice if you have a small home or backyard. It’s ideal for backyards, even small ones; you can simply place it on a balcony, patio or deck. That being said, it’s still a good choice for larger properties as well. If you like gardening, you will enjoy this model, whether your property is large or small.

Grow many plants with the four shelves

The Gardman has four shelves, which ensures that you can grow dozens of plants on it at any one time. This ensures not only that you can save time, because you won’t have to move from shelf to shelf to shelf, but also that the plants are safer because you’ll have the time to attend to them individually.

Large in size

Although it’s compact and fits easily into smaller properties, there’s no denying that this model is pretty big. However, in spite of its ample size, its price remains reasonable at less than forty dollars. Also in spite of its large size, it’s easy to assemble; you can get the whole thing set up in half an hour—or less, if you’re a good handyperson.


2.   Ogrow Deluxe WALK-IN 6 Tier 12 Shelf Portable GREENHOUSE

  • Durable frame features heavy-duty steel shelves that are also powder-coated
  • Instead of cable ties, uses a fast, efficient hook and loop system
  • Cover is clear and quite durable, thanks to its heavy-duty material
  • Has an anchoring system that will ensure that your plants don’t fall off during a storm

Stable and solid

As we’ve said, this model is fairly stable, thanks in part to the fact that its cover is made out of heavy-duty material. Moreover, its anchoring system will ensure that your plants stay safe inside it; this system employs powerful ropes which have anchors that bite deeply into the soil. It’s quite strong—strong enough that you won’t have to worry about the structure collapsing in the event of a bad storm. Moreover, when it’s anchored properly, you won’t even know the anchors are in place; they make a great difference, but it’s one that’s unobtrusive.

Efficient design

The design employs hook and loop (i.e., Velcro) connections, rather than cable ties, with the result that the greenhouse is both assembled easily and lasts for quite a long amount of time. This efficient design is aided by the fact that assembly is quite easy; the instructions are fairly easy to understand, and setting it up doesn’t take long, either.

Durable for harsh weather

It can last strong, sustained, chilly winds without a problem. It can also deal with other natural forces, like rain; the fact that the sky is showing such difficulties doesn’t have to be a death sentence for the plants.


3.   Gardman 7622 Walk-In Greenhouse with Shelving

  • Quite big, to the point of being comfortable to walk around in
  • Shelving unit has two tiers
  • Strong, solid frame, made of tubular steel, that can be installed quickly, without tools
  • Polyethylene cover adds easy access to the tent

Good Installation

Installing this model is a simple, relatively quick affair; it works because the steel frame, which is tubular in shape, relies on push-fit assembly. The package also includes the material that you’ll need to erect the portable greenhouse kit as well: guy ropes, and metal stakes which will add extra protection when the winds get stormy and strong. When you’re building it, you use metal stakes, as well as the metal grommets that already come with the product. The instructions are easy to read and follow along with as well.

Adaptable and accessible

The portable greenhouse kit doesn’t require the use of any special tools during the building stage. Moreover, the zipper door—which is rolled up—allows people to enter that area without any particular trouble. Inside, it stays warm and accessible, even when it’s cold outside.

Stable and sturdy

This model is effective because its frame, which is made out of tubular steel and which is powder-coated, is quite strong and effective. The shelving unit has two tiers, and its frame is fashioned from tubular steel. The shelves in the frame are made with a metal grid on the bottom. It’s strong enough to outlast certain kinds of weather, including snowstorms, regular storms and winds.


4.   Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse

  • Setup is quick and easy
  • Ensures that you can grow and reap for a longer gardening season
  • Made of transparent PVC
  • UV protection lengthens the lifespan of the product

Open-floor concept

This model features an open-floor plan. As a result, you can set the greenhouse up over bushes and trees that are already in place. In addition, it allows you, the gardener, more flexibility and freedom of movement. Because of the open floor, you can place it on top of the plants that are already there. The air stays at the right temperature inside the greenhouse, even if you haven’t touched it in several hours.

Assembly is quick and simple

It doesn’t take long to assemble this model; you’ll be done quickly, and don’t even necessarily need the help of other ppls to do so. Once you’re done assembling, you can get right to work, planting in and gardening with your greenhouse; by using it, you’ll be lengthening your growing season by an additional month or two—and thus potentially increasing your profits, if you do this commercially.

Very portable

You can also fold it back into the shape of a soldier bag when you’re done; this makes it not only easier to store, but transport as well. Because of this, you can easily place it anywhere inside your new house (if you’ve just moved, say), as well as carry it without injuring yourself.


Final Verdict

When it comes right down to it, if you’re searching for a new portable greenhouse kit, there are several things you’ll have to take into account—how much can you afford, what you’re going to be using it for, why you should consider getting one, for example. But here’s a little more food for thought: why get a regular greenhouse when you could just use a portable greenhouse kit? You’d be saving yourself a lot of to me and money by thinking about a new portable greenhouse kit. So, give it some thought; you don’t want to make the wrong decision by accident, or simply because you decided that your portable greenhouse kit needs a change, even if you got it three years ago. You deserve the best.

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