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MMA stands for mixed martial arts. MMA shin guard or shin pad is a piece of equipment worn on the front of an athlete’s shin to protect it from injury. MMA shin guards are specially designed with extra attention paid to the areas around your lower leg muscles and under your kneecaps to offer more protection than other types of shin guards. Designed to perfectly cover all contact areas on your shins and feet, MMA shin guards are constructed from slightly rounded high density impact foam that conforms to your legs. They have a layer of gel that covers your entire foot top for extra strike absorption. They have comfortable straps to secure them to the back of your leg and open fully to allow you to easily slip the pair on and off. These straps keep the guards secure to your feet, including a larger strap on the ball of the foot with rubberized dots for extra traction on the mat.

Reviews of the Best MMA Shin Guards

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 10 Best MMA Shin Guards Reviews


Meister MMA Elastic Cloth Shin & Instep Padded Guards (Pair) - Black - Small/Medium
  • Full elasticated body hugs the legs and feet
  • Slides on easily but stays in place all workout long
  • Unique hook and loop strap secures top of guard tightly
  • Padding retains your individual leg form through use
  • Meister MMA Exclusive - Designed to fit and protect like no other lightweight shin/instep guards
Sanabul Essential Hybrid Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards (Blue, L/XL)
  • Just What You Need: The Essentials Striking Series was created to give you professional gear at a great value. Our shinguards keep your legs protected inside, with vivid Sanabul colors on the outside. Or, go all-black for that understated look
  • Tested By Pro's, Created For You: We put together Team Sanabul to take our gear through the toughest training there is. If it holds up for pro fighters like Alan Jouban and “Sugar” Sean O’Malley, it’ll hold up for you
  • Perfect For Any Combat Sport: No matter what sport you practice, we designed the Sanabul Essential Shin Guards to be as comfortable as MMA shin guards but also have the protection and feel of traditional kickboxing or Muay Thai shin guards
  • Feel The Impact, Not The Pain: We put special high impact protection foam in our shinguards. They’ll absorb the biggest hits, so you can kick harder and train longer
  • Available In 3 Sizes: XS: common size for children or individuals less than 110 lbs ----- S/M: most commonly used by individuals less than 5'10" in height ----- L/XL: most commonly used by individuals taller than 5'10" in height
Combat Sports Washable MMA Training Instep Padded Shin Guards, Large, Black
  • Completely washable by removing the foam padding from its specially designed velcro pocket
  • Comfortable compression material designed to firmly hug the legs and feet
  • Sold in Pairs
RDX Shin Guard MMA Instep Leg Pads Protective Muay Thai Boxing Training Kickboxing
  • A moulded design with padding for enhanced protection
  • QD-1 sweat absorbing technology for ultimate comfort
  • Dual-padding built with Shell-Shock gel and Supremo-Shock Foam
  • Lightweight with nylon based Nylastic outer cover for durability
  • NEO-1 based hook and loop closure with dual cross straps for a perfectly secure fit
Venum "Kontact" Shin and Instep Guards, Black
  • High quality cotton
  • Strategical reinforcement insuring more protection
  • Velcro closure for a customized no-slip fit
  • Machine washable
RDX Shin Guard Instep Foam Pad Boxing Knee Brace Support Leg Guards MMA Foot Protection Kickboxing
  • EVA padding is backed by Supremo-Shock foam in the knee to offer comfort and shock-absorbency in the knee cap when defending, eating, or throwing a shot
  • Shock dissipating EVA padding slab shields the shins against impact when checking, absorbing or throwing leg kicks – perfect for Muay Thai kickboxing or MMA training
  • This protective leg also offers a foot instep. Simply feed the foot through and cover the entire leg in Champion Armour
  • Hosiery wicks skin, offers compressional feel, and is designed as a slip. Ease and elasticity make this product a very convenient and efficient one
  • Quick-Ez hook & loop easily straps on. Get in there, dominate knowing you’re covered in Champion Armour
Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards, Black, Medium
  • 100% Synthetic leather for great durability and performance
  • High density foam with additional padding across the shin and instep for enhanced shock absorption
  • Lightweight design providing unrestricted mobility and speed
  • Large Velcro straps for a customized no-slip fit
Fairtex Competition Shin Guards - Black - Large
  • Sold in Pairs.
  • Size S - Shin 13.5" Foot 5.5"
  • Size M - Shin 15" Foot 6"
  • Size L - Shin 15.5" Foot 6"
  • Size XL - Shin 16.5" Foot 6.5"
Fairtex Pro Style Shin Guards - Black - Medium
  • Sold in Pairs.
  • Size S - Shin 12" Foot 4.75"
  • Size M - Shin 13" Foot 5"
  • Size L - Shin 14" Foot 5"
  • Size XL - Shin 15" Foot 5.5"
Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards SP7 Black Shin protection for Muay Thia MMA K1 (SP7 - Black, Large)
  • Detachable toe and shin protector, easily adjust to fit different length of shin and for multi purpose of use through hook and loop joint.
  • Shin and toe protector can be twisted left and right up to 90 degree. Toe protector can be moved up and down 90 degree as well. Make your movement so natural and support various kinds of martial art that use toe to assault.
  • Size M - Height 5' 3" to 5' 10"
  • Size L - Height 5' 10" to 6' 3"
  • Size XL - Height 6' 3" and up

Ultimate Buying Guide – MMA Shin Guards


Things To Consider When Buying A Good Pair Of MMA Shin Guards

  • Anti-odour technology:

Look for the sleeve that has a mesh window constructed in the back that allows for airflow or ventilation. Synthetic leather offers an improvement of anti-odour technology (if you clean them once a week).

  • Enclosures:

Look for dual hook and loop strap and silicone grip to minimize shifting. Avoid the high hook and loop enclosure which can cause some Velcro burn on your partners when attempting triangle chokes or on your own hamstring as they sit high on the leg. These are probably best for the moderate to the heavy kicker.

  • Your personal fighting style:

If you are a beginner and aren’t sure if you will stick to grappling or striking, get a pair of shin guards that can easily do both. When you decide to continue with grappling, a pair of shin guards with heavy padding that is housed on your leg with a neoprene sleeve makes it most comfortable and convenient to grappling. Grapplers rely on boxing and takedowns on their feet. I recommend shin guards that can partially protect in the event of blocking kicks and will stay on your legs through grappling exchanges.

If you plan to be a heavy kicker, who want to teach himself to kick with the correct part of his shin the hard way, a bulky pair of guards with removable instep is best for you. They provide an extra layer of padding on the front side of your shin which helps a lot when dealing with training partners who are good at checking leg kicks. As a heavy kicker, you want to condition your shins and focus on submission defence, takedown defence and scrambling back to your feet.

  • Size and fit:

You must measure your shins before buying a pair of MMA shin guards. If you end up with too big pair of guards they will disrupt your freedom of motion during training and sparring. They will not fit well and slip off forcing you to re-align your guard after every kick. And if you ignore your sizing and end up with a too small pair, they may fit too tight and will not offer enough protection.

  • Material:

Modern day MMA shin guards are made of many different synthetic materials, including, but not limited to:

Fibreglass – Stiff, sturdy, and lightweight.

Foam rubber – Very lightweight, but not as sturdy and solid as fibreglass.

Polyurethane – Heavy and sturdy, which offers almost complete protection from most impacts.

Plastic – Less protective than any of the other synthetic shin guards.

Metal – Highly protective, but very heavy and uncomfortable.

Hand-made pair of MMA shin guards are the most durable and worthy of investment.

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