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A lathe is a mini machine that rotates the workpiece about an axis with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about that axis. The workpiece is held by a centre, which can be moved horizontally to accommodate varying workpiece lengths.

Metal lathes perform numerous operations such as boring, Carpentry,  cutting, chamfering,  drilling, deforming, filling, forming, facing, grooving,  glass working, grinding, jigsaw,  knurling, reaming,  milling, model making, metal fabrication, metal spinning, polishing, parts processing, parting,  parts reclamation, shaping, sawing, sanding, threading,  thermal spraying, plain turning, step turning and taper turning. The objects that are made using metal lathes are baseball bat, bowls, candlesticks, cue sticks, crankshaft, gun barrels, screws, table legs and woodwind musical instruments.

Entertain yourself using a mini metal lathe, while you prepare woodworks for Christmas decorations. Make festive tea light holders, with the use of a mini metal lathe.  How about turned snowman and reindeer ornaments? Hang a handmade paraffin lamp, that you made yourself using your mini metal lathe upon your freezing patio. Get ready to create a hand-crafted mallet to help you with other decorations. Decorate your interiors with turned vases. Create Xmas gifts for your loved ones using a mini metal lathe, try some spatulas, log dishes and wonk branch wood. If you are a bracelet and necklace lover, make pretty little beads yourself using your mini metal lathe.

What is a mini metal lathe and how to use it for metalworking?

Things to consider when buying mini metal lathe

Hurry up!! Black Friday, is not far away. Don’t be confused between the large variety of models, brands and costs. Just look for the most durable and affordable mini metal lathe. Of course, you will get the best bargain on your favourite mini metal lathe, on Black Friday. It’s the time to save your buck. So buy it right now.

When selecting a mini metal lathe, follow the STAMPED method:

  • Size:

Select the size of the lathe, according to your need. If you are planning to create woodworks, it needs a medium sized lathe. If you want to create ceramic ware, like vases and pots, you can buy a small sized lathe. And if you like to polish, reshape or reform your old lifeless furniture then, a mini metal lathe can be helpful.

  • Type:

Depending upon your need, select the type of mini metal lathe that is suitable for you. Potter’s wheel is the best type of lathe ever. Metalworks always require your full attention, concentration and patience. You must buy an effective and safe metal lathe that can coordinate with your skill perfectly. Do purchase the mini metal lathe that will facilitate the use of various attachments without compromising the quality.

  • Application:

Select the mini metal lathe, that can be applied to any kind of workpiece. Your mini metal lathe must have a capability to work on:  acrylic, acetal, aluminium, acrylic, brass, copper, Delrin,  gold, lucite, nylon,  stainless steel, silver, plastic, PCB, plexiglass, perspex, Teflon,  or wood.

  • Motor:

Choose the mini metal lathe, whose motor speed is adjustable and variable according to the task you are performing. Three phase motor with Variable Frequency Drive which allows very granular speed changes gives you the most satisfaction. Such motors take single phase input power. Buy such a motor that doesn’t heat up while rotating your workpiece, it must have fans to cool it down.

  • Parts of the mini metal lathe:

The most important thing to consider when you go for buying a mini metal lathe is whether will you be able to assemble its numerous parts effortlessly or will you have to fumble and fiddle with its parts, while you are straining and exhausting yourself. Buy the mini metal lathe whose parts can be simply assembled by yourself, without the service of any licensed professional.

  • Easy to use:

When buying any DIY tool, especially mini metal lathe, the most important thing to remember is that whether will you be able to handle it comfortably or blame the tool. If your mini metal lathe is poorly designed, it will be almost impossible to get the work done with it. Choose the mini metal lathe that is flawless and efficient for your 100% satisfaction. Buy the mini metal lathe, whose handles lock at both the banjo and tailstock, it makes it easier to use.

  • Delivery:

Select the warehouse that facilitates a free home delivery, so that your mini metal lathe may reach your home, at your expected time and date. Place the order at least 7 working days before you need your mini metal lathe. For international delivery, you must place your order at least 10 working days before you need to use your mini metal lathe.

Safety Precautions

  • Read the safety instructions written in the handbook that is included in the package of your mini metal lathe.
  • Even if you are regular mini metal lathe user, you must familiarize yourself with your new model.
  • Never attempt any larger jobs with your mini metal lathe. Remember it got its name for a reason. Always attempt the job that matches its size.
  • Make sure always that your workpiece is safe and sound after you have placed it in the work holding device.
  • Never begin a task unless the workpiece is completely fine with your mini metal lathe.
  • Always avoid wearing loose clothing when you are working with your mini metal lathe. Loose parts of your wear can tangle in the rotating lathe, causing an accident.
  • Never wear a hanging jewellery or a loose wrist watch while using your mini metal lathe, it can be life-threatening, if it tangles in the lathe.
  • Always wear your safety boots, helmet, safety glasses and gloves on, when you work with your mini metal lathe, to protect your body against any accident.
  • Never forget to protect your ears against the noise.
  • Store your mini metal lathe out of the reach of your children and pets.
  • Store your mini metal lathe in dry and hygienic place to avoid rusting.


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