Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack Carrier

Hitch bike carriers are a pretty convenient thing to have. When you want to take your bike with you wherever you go, you simply snap the carrier onto the back of your vehicle, put the bikes in place, and head off on your way. (Remembering to take your helmet, water, and food/snacks with you, of course.) Another cool thing about hitch bike carriers is that—convenience and ease of use aside—they fit onto different kinds of vehicles, whether they’re cars, vans, SUVs, or even some models of trucks. Also, they can be found easily at sporting-goods stores and bike shops, and they’re often reasonably priced. Oh, and a good model can last for years and years.

Why Do You Need Hitch Mount Bike Rack Carrier?

  • Go biking anywhere you want—and have new adventures
  • Ideal for taking your bike to faraway places and excursions, like the mountains or the forest
  • An excellent choice if you’re going biking in groups
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Will significantly improve your biking experience

Things To Consider When Buying Hitch Mount Bike Rack Carrier

Okay, so we’re agreed: hitch bike carriers are kind of cool. But what kinds of things will you have to consider if you’re purchasing one? As with buying bikes, the model of bike carrier that you buy will depend on what kinds of excursions you want to go on. The model that you get will also depend on other factors, such as the climate you’re living in.

With that being said, here’s a list of the things that you should take into account when you want to buy a hitch bike carrier. You’ll have to account for other things as well, naturally, but these criteria should offer a good starting point.

What model of vehicle do you have? Many types of bike carriers are only compatible with select models of vehicles, so you definitely need to check compatibility before you take that box to the cash register (or click the “send” button). It’s true that some models are advertised as being ideal for all models, but you have to take these with a grain of salt. Ideally, get the measurements of your vehicle before you start looking for a model. This will help you a lot in the long run.

How often are you going on trips? This will affect the price and functionality of the model that you get. If you don’t go out on biking trips too often, you might be more comfortable with a model that doesn’t have a lot of extra features. If, however, you go out more often—such as every week or every two weeks, in the hotter months—then you might want a more complex model that can last more years. However, if you can spare the change. it might be preferable to get a model that’s more durable, even if you won’t necessarily use it often; more durable models will offer you more bang for your buck and are better for the environment more generally.

Ease of installation: If you’re still an amateur to adventure biking—and especially if you’re not a “handy” person—then you might be turned off by a model of bike carrier that seems more complicated to set up. Moreover, a model that’s difficult to install will offer other problems: installing it will take a significant amount of time, and—since it’s more complex—it might be more fragile and easy to break. Of course, if you’re used to using a bike carrier with your car, then you might be fine with going for a more complex model—but that doesn’t mean you won’t be put off by a needlessly complicated model.

Durability: Remember: as we said before, more durability is usually better. It’s beneficial for the environment, of course, and—if the time comes that you need to sell an older model of bike carrier—you can get more money from it. But durability is also important for another reason: you won’t have to worry about it getting broken or damaged. If you’re anything like me, then your clumsiness gets in the way when you want to use things, and you end up breaking things by mistake. But if you get a more durable model, you won’t have this problem.

Top 3 Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack Carrier


1.   Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver

  • Long carry arms fold away for maximum efficiency
  • Fits 4 bikes
  • Durable frame with powder black coat
  • Quick, simple installation

Strong and sturdy

When you put this carrier on your bike, you won’t have to worry that it’s going to start breaking at the merest touch of the wind. On the contrary, this model is durable and sturdy, so it will last through whatever kind of wear and tear you put your car (and the carrier) through. The carry arms, which are a full 22 inches long, are used to secure bikes individually—so that the bikes will stay safe in spite of the weather and the speed of your vehicle—and the bikes will also be secured via Allen’s specialized tie-down system. The carry arms also fall down and stay out of the way when they’re not being used, which will spare your carrier (and your bikes) from the possibility of being used more than is necessary. Finally, the steel frame features a powder-coat finish, which is black in colour.

Affordable price

This model is affordable, which ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth. But its affordability is also important because not every model is this inexpensive. Many other—equally decent, if not outright worse—carriers that you’ll find on the market go for more expensive prices. When you factor in the price and the features you get for it—including how fast it is to install this model—you’re definitely making the most out of your limited funds.


2.   TYGER Deluxe Black 3-Bike Hitch Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack with Hitch Lock

  • Compatible with all dual-arm bikes with hitch receivers of 1.25 or 2 inches
  • Durable construction
  • Can hold three bikes
  • Convenient and easy to install
  • No-stress warranty lasts a lifetime

High compatibility and accessibility

This carrier is compatible with many models of hitch receivers—more specifically, all those dual-arm bike models with a hitch of 1.25 or 2 inches. Thus, you’ll probably be able to use this model with the vehicle you already have, which makes it more accessible. It takes only minutes to install this carrier as well, which adds to its convenience and ease of use. (Also in terms of accessibility, the limited lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt, either.) All this being said, however, if you have a spare tire installed on the tailgate of your vehicle—and your vehicle is a model like a Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4, or Jeep Wrangler—then you might need a hitch extension so that it’s properly compatible with your vehicle.

Access the rest of your vehicle

You can easily access your vehicle thanks to two of the bike’s features: the tilt-down capability, and the carry arms, which can be folded away when they’re not being used. The carrier also features soft cradles that both protect the frames of the bikes and secure them each individually.

High durability

This carrier is quite durable, and as such it will last you for a good looking amount of time. It is very durable because you can fold it away when you’re not using it, with the result that it won’t gain any unnecessary damage. Another reason that it’s so highly durable is because it doesn’t get rusted over when you’ve had it for a few years or as a result of the snow, rain, and other weather conditions. It is resistant to rest because of the e-coating on the frame. Furthermore, it’s strong enough to hold three bikes at a time with no trouble at all.


3.   Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1/1/4 and 2-Inch Receiver)

  • Arms can be adjusted to fit with different sizes
  • Can hold up to 35 pounds per bike (70 pounds in all)
  • Compatible with receivers of 1 – 1.4 inches and 2 inches
  • Holds two bikes at time

Can hold heavier models of bikes with no problems

The lightest bikes you’ll find on the market weigh twenty-something pounds, and this model of carrier won’t have any trouble carrying them…but it won’t have any trouble with bikes weighing up to 35 pounds, either. In fact, because there’s space for two bikes on this carrier, you can carry up to 70 pounds of bike without causing any damage or putting any strain on the structure.

Arms ensure accessibility

The carry arms can be adjusted so as to fit the frames of bikes in various sizes. This is convenient, and especially so if you frequently go on biking trips with a large number of friends are family. Whatever bike size they have, the carry arm can adjust to accommodate them. In addition, this carrier features an anti-wobble hitch device, which ensures that the bikes won’t move around and jump in their straps as you’re carrying them across the countryside. Furthermore, the ratchet arms can hold bikes that measure up to almost two feet.

Quick assembly

You can assemble this bike carrier in less than half an hour, which means that it’s easy to get your vehicle set up after the winter has passed. No longer will you have to waste precious time setting up your carrier for the more temperate seasons.


Final Verdict

With all this being said, if you’re looking for a new hitch mount bike rack carrier, then you should like the models we’ve just mentioned. They are all good-quality models which will guarantee you a lot of usage over the years, and you’ll be satisfied if you buy any one of them. Regardless of which model you do end up choosing, however, make sure you take your time when you’re conducting your own research. You want to make the best possible decision, after all. That’s what all this is about, in the end: finding that one perfect model of carrier, so that you can go on those adventures you’ve always fantasized about.


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