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It’s the silent killer: scientific studies report that sitting all day—whether at work, school, play, or any combination thereof—is actually much worse than recently thought. Some research has even gone so far as to link excessive sitting to elevated incidences of conditions like hypertension (high blood pressure). Not to mention, we of course already know that living a sedentary lifestyle correlated with weight gain. In order to deal with this issue—while still working or going to school—you should consider getting an adjustable standing desk. Such desks will help you both ease the pain that comes with sitting all day and allow you to move about more fairly as you work.

Why Do You Need Adjustable Standing Desktop Desk?

  • can adjust to fit people of different heights and builds
  • can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit
  • can be adjusted so that you can get a little bit of extra exercise
  • allows for freedom and flexibility of movement
  • get a little bit of extra exercise in without having to sacrifice any extra time

Things To Consider When Buying Adjustable Standing Desktop Desk

If you’re thinking about buying an adjustable standing desktop desk, there are several things you’ll need to take into account. For example, why are you buying it? If you use a desk often, then it’s a good investment—but maybe not so much if you don’t often use a desk. Furthermore, do you think you’ll be able to stand up for hours on end? Although such desks are often adjustable, they’re not necessarily adjustable to the point where you can sit down. In other words, some models feature a sitting-down option, but this is not the case for many models. If you can’t stand up for however long you’ll need the desk, you’ll have to look for a model that allows you to flip between sitting and standing. Finally, will the desk fit all of your needs? If your work entails a lot of focusing and concentrating, a standing desk might not be ideal for you.

  • How tall are you? If you’re a taller person, getting a larger desk that’s located higher off the ground might be a good suggestion for you. However, if you’re shorter, a desk that is shorter as well might be a good fit. If you’re in between—i.e., about average—then you might, presumably, do well with an average-sized desk.
  • Who’s going to be using the desk? Will your kids be standing at the desk so they can use the computer? Maybe your husband will need it for filing his taxes? The person or people who will use the desk has an effect on its size, dimensions, and shape. Take your whole family into account when you’re deciding on a model.
  • What’s your price range? Desks in general can get pretty expensive, and standing desks are no exception. Getting a good model—and, in particular, one that’s adjustable—can set you back hundreds of dollars. Those that cost a grand (or more) are an option as well, but—even though they’re often better in quality than their less expensive counterparts—you might not necessarily be able to avoid them.
  • How often will you be using it? If you’re using a desk every week—and, especially, if you’re using it every day—then an adjustable standing desk is a great idea. If you’re using it less than that, it might not be a good model for you—especially if you have trouble standing up for long periods of time. All off this is to say that your frequency of usage will determine the quality and style of the standing desk.
  • Will it be a good investment for you? We’ve already said that getting a standing desk can be a good way of sitting down less when you’re working—but it’s not the only way. Aside from the possibility of working less (which is not always realistic, but nevertheless doable, to some degree), you can also stand more by standing instead of sitting when, for example, you’re watching TV, playing video games, knitting, or other activities. You can also get more exercise into your everyday schedule. Also, a standing desk might not be a good investment if you get a lower quality model that doesn’t really help you.
  • How much intensity do you want? Different models aren’t only good for people of different sizes; they also ensure that you can get more (or less) of a workout. While it’s true that using a standing desk in no way replace exercising, it’s still an excellent way of getting some more movement into your day—and, to do so, you’ll have to plan accordingly. Does it offer you comfortable positions, or more difficult ones? Is it hard to use?

Top 4 Adjustable Standing Desktop Desks

1.   VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36

  • Spring-loaded lifting mechanism can lift up to 35 pounds in 3 seconds
  • can hold up to 35 pounds of items
  • Stand or sit down; flow from one position to the other
  • shipping is free
  • Fully assembled, straight out of the box

Key Features

Two Tier designs ensures maximum adaptability

Because of the two-tier design of this model, you will be able to work with different workspace setups. For instance, if you use two monitors, or if you need a larger workspace to work effectively, then you will be able to accommodate those needs with the Pro Plus 36. There’s enough space for it. Moreover, because of the different positions this model offers, you can set your things up in different ways and nevertheless remain equally effective in your work.

Lots of space for your equipment

There’s both an upper section and a lower section with this setup. The result is that you have a lot of space both for your monitor(is), on the top—and, on the bottom, enough space to fit your keyboard and mouse deck. Moreover, there’s more than enough space if you want to use other tools, such as writing utensils, calculators, and even paper for drawing.

Many possible positions

Thanks to this model, you can move your body in a comfortable way. It features a total of 11 different possible positions for you to work in. This way, you’ll be able to both protect your muscles, joints and tendons from undue stress, and allow the blood to circulate freely. You might even find that this model helps you with your flexibility!


2.   Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter

  • The pump-assisted lifting mechanism is very effective, allowing the model to move easily up and down
  • Large, single surface space allows you to have all your equipment at arm’s length
  • Choose a height that works for you; standing height ranges from 7 to 16 inches
  • Is fully assembled upon delivery
  • You don’t need any special tools for installation, and can start using it right away

Key Features

Sturdy and strong

This durable model can hold up to 20 pounds of equipment at one time. That’s enough space for your computer (yes, even ones with two monitors)    , books, newspaper, coffee, and pencils. What’s not to love? Moreover, the desktop is made out of laminated particleboard, whereas the base and the legs are made out of steel.

Place on top of your desk

Because this model is placed on top of a desk or other piece of furniture, you can easily convert the computer desk you’re already using into a standing desk. This is further complemented by the fact that it’s easy to crank and use, so that adjusting it to fit your different needs (and mood) at any given time is no trouble at all. Even though it’s a converter (and not a “true” standing desk), it will still allow you a lot of space to work effectively. It can hold one of the monitors vertically, and the other one horizontally.

Ideal for people who have back problems

Although it’s a bit heavy to lift, once this converter is in place, it’s an ideal choice for those who have back pains or problems. This is because the efficient, heavy-duty mechanism can easily be adjusted for movement and ease of use (and because sitting for shorter periods of time will cause your back to hurt less more generally).


3.   Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk

  • Increases productivity and concentration
  • Ideal for people of all heights, in particular tall people
  • The heavy-duty silver powder coat finish can go several years without needing to be replaced
  • Is compliant with ANSI/BIFMA standards
  • An electric model is available

Key Features

A flexible model

This model is flexible enough, both so that you use it while you’re standing in different positions and so that you can adjust it from sitting to standing. To move from one position to the other, you only need adjust the crank. Moreover, if you’re a particularly tall person, you need not fear this model, which is optimal for taller folks. The crank can be adjusted from 28-7/8” to 42-5/8”, for the lower tier, and from 33-1/2” to 47-1/4”, for the higher tier.

Two-tier design

Its two-tier design is efficient because you can put your monitor nice and high enough for you to see properly, and your mouse and keyboard lower down, at an ideal height for efficient usage. With this setup, you can work more effectively—and get more done in a shorter amount of time—as well as not suffer from eye strain or wrist injuries.

Improve your health

Thanks to the high adaptability and user-friendliness of this model, constantly moving about in different positions while you’re working is easy as pie. Therefore, you will be able to improve your flexibility and posture, as well as reduce the incidence of joint pain, cramps, and muscle pain. You’ll also lose weight, so that you can look as great as you feel.


4.   Ergotron Work Fit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Stand with Table Mount

  • Saves space inside your home, since it moves smoothly up and down
  • You always stay close to your PC
  • Arrives at your home fully assembled
  • No need for installation: put it on an open surface, and you’re done!
  • You don’t need any special tools for installation

Key Features

Very sturdy

This model is quite stable and solid, to the point where you can lean on it without having to worry about your things filling down. Moreover, because of its strength, it can hold a lot of things at once, again without you having to worry about whether or not they’ll fall down while you’re using the desk. The desk doesn’t wobble or waver while you’re using it, which allows for a comfortable, seamless working experience.

Ergonomic design

This ergonomic design entails a keyboard that moves in time with the work surface. In consequence, an optimal space is maintained between the tray in the keyboard. The screen of your PC also stays at a good height, with the result that you’ll be able to stay comfortable, loose and free while you’re using the desk. You won’t have to worry about hunching over or cramping your muscles with this design. Also, the desk stays near you even when you’ve stepped away, on account of the footprint distance.

Lots of space

The spacious surface will allow you to place not only one monitor, but actually two monitors—as well as your coffee and your reading material. You don’t need to worry about placing your things on the floor while you’re using your desk; you can just put them at the desk with you.


Final Verdict

At the end of the day, owing and using an adjustable standing desktop desk has a number of advantages: you’ll get a little bit of extra exercises in, stave away some of the negative effects of sitting for excessive amounts of time, and ensure that your movements will be more comfortable and fluid while you work. You can even improve your flexibility. If you’d like to get an adjustable standing desk, as a start on your way to a healthier life, consider looking into these models: the VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36, the Ergotron Work Fit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Stand with Table Mount (33-397-085), the Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk, and the Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter. If you do end up getting such a desk, you’ll be taking steps toward a healthier, more positive lifestyle. Go, you!

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