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If you’re planning on going camping sometime soon, then you might be looking for a new tent (or a first tent, if you don’t already have one). In this case, you should consider going for a four-person tent. These tents offer more storage space than smaller models, and they’re a good choice if you’re travelling with children or pets. Also, they come in a huge variety of colors, sizes and materials, so you can easily find a model that’s perfect for you. However, please keep in mind that such a tent is not necessarily appropriate for four adults (if they’re all men, for example). In such cases, a 6-person tent might be a more suitable choice.

Why Do You Need 4 person Tents?

  • Ideal for family-sized groups (2 adults, 2 children; 4 smaller adults; 3 adults, 1 child)
  • Good for solo travelers or duo travelers who want more space for storage
  • Fitting for smaller families who are travelling with pets
  • Are often more durable than 2-person models

Things To Consider When Buying 4 person Tents

When you’re purchasing a new tent—whether it’s for four people, or for any other capacity—there are many things you need to take into account. For example, the material of the tent, whether or not there are bedrooms, the size of the tent, and how much storage space it has are all factors to consider. Moreover, you’ll also need to take into account who you’re going to be camping with. Shorter campers (and minimalist campers) might be okay with less space to move around in, but campers who are taller (or who need more space to move around in while they’re sleeping) will probably prefer a larger tent. Also, naturally, you’ll need to consider the price of the tent with regard to its quality; there’s no point in dropping a lot of money on a good tent that isn’t half as good quality as it appears.


Different tent materials will be suited to different purposes. For example, tents made out of cotton (which are fairly rre these days) keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. However, such tents need to be rained on a few times before they’re properly waterproof. Tents made out of nylon are relatively lightweight, and are well-adapted to different kinds of weather environments. Tents made out of polyester are similar to their nylon counterparts, but they’re more durable and long-lasting. Poly-cotton tents, on the other hand, are an ideal choice to replace cotton; they’re strong and lightweight, but more durable than their organic counterparts.


When camping, you’ll naturally need to store things. What you’ll need to store depends on what kind of trip you’re going on—if it’s for business (such as if you’re a nature photographer or travel blogger) or pleasure. Items that you might need to carry with you include sports equipment, winter attire, photography equipment (large camera, many filters, a tripod, and so forth), and portable TV/radio systems. Different 4-person tent models have varying amounts of storage, so you should aim for a model that can fulfill all your needs.


It’s fairly common for 4-person tents to be organized into bedrooms so that the occupants can have more space to move around in, get dressed in, and organize your stuff in. Of course, bedrooms aren’t a necessity when you’re purchasing such a tent, but they can definitely make things easier. For this reason, think about what you might be carrying with you when you go camping. If you need to transport larger items, then the bedroom dividers might get in your way when you’re trying to organize your space.

Tent size:

The fact that a tent has a four-person setup does not indicate how large the tent itself must be. For example, if you’re travelling with another adult and two children, you might be able to get enough space in a two-person tent (since oftentimes children are significantly smaller than adults). However, if there are four of you and you’re all quite tall, you might do better with a larger four-person tent. If you’re on the average size or on the short side, you might be better off with a smaller 4-person tent. One factor that’s part of tent size is how much space you need to stand up: standing space does not need to be as high of the occupants of the tent are shorter folk.

Recommended Product Reviews

1.   Sundome 4 Person Tent

  • A lot of space inside the tent
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Poles made of solid fiberglass
  • Pole sleeves are continuous and don’t snag
  • High water-resistance

Sundome 4 Person Tent

Very water-resistant

This tent model is water-resistant because of its WeatherTec system, which includes inverted seams, as well as patented welded floors. Together, these features ensure that the moisture stays out of the tent, where it belongs. These are combined with a rain fly awning, which has the double benefit of providing you with water protection and shade.

Very spacious

With this tent, you and your buddies will have a plethora of space to move around in. At the center height, it’s almost five feet tall, which means that you won’t have to crouch too much while you’re using it. You can also organize your gear with the storage pockets that can be found inside this tent. The ‘D’ style front entry door is rather large, so you can get in and out of the tent without having to crawl around. It also features big windows, which enhance how big the tent appears both from the inside and the outside.

Installation is a breeze

Installation is simple with this tent model. The pole sleeves are continuous and won’t snag as you’re getting the poles outside of it, and the tent comes with a carry bag that makes transporting it a walk in the park. Because of its convenient dome design, you can get it up and running in a quarter of an hour. The Insta-Clip attachments, which are meant for the poles, stand up even when it’s windy outside, so you won’t have to keep picking them up in case there’s harsh wind and strong rains during your trip.


2.   Mountain Trails South Bend Tent – 4 Person

  • Versatile; well-suited to different uses
  • Polyester mesh windows are solid and durable
  • Excellent ventilation, thanks to windows and roof vents
  • Can comfortably fit four people
  • Installation is fast thanks to the ring-and-pin system
  • Fiberglass frame is shock-corded

A versatile model

This tent has a number of diversified advantages. The mud mat that’s included will keep the floor nice and clean. This tent model offers various means of stowing away your goods. For example, it has a utility pocket. It also has a gear loft. Both of these will allow you to keep your supplies within easy reach. It’s durable as well, with its shock-corded frame made of fiberglass and its polyester construction. In addition, ventilation within the tent is great, on account of the large roof and windows, which are made out of mesh.

Compact but spacious

This tent features a compact dome. However, in spite of that, there’s enough room for 4 people to sleep comfortably. The D style door is big enough that you can easily move in and out of the tent without having to crawl on your knees. You can sit up straight into the middle of the tent, since it’s fifty-two inches high in the center.

Installation is easy as pie

It’s easy to set up, thanks to the ring-and-pin system that’s used for this purpose. You can install this tent easily and quickly. You fold the labels away, and the stakes and packet of poles unroll with the tent when you get it open. It also comes with duffel that you can use for setup and teardown: simply roll the tent up, then secure it with the included elastic bands. The duffel system is also easy to store and put away once you return back home.


3.   Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

  • Built out of 75D polyester taffeta
  • Enough space to accommodate 6 people, or two queen airbeds
  • 68 inches high at the center
  • Terrific ventilation: 4 large windows
  • Great protection against insects.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Protection against the elements

When you’re inside this tent, whether you’re sleeping, camping, or simply killing time, you’ll stay safe from the rain and other weather conditions, owing to the weathered system, which is designed to fight against the wettest of weather conditions. Additionally, insects (and arachnids) will not be a problem when you’re inside this tent, due to the fact that the front porch is fully screened. You can also put your things on top of this porch, without having to worry about them getting damaged by biting insects.

A comfortable fit

It’s 68 inches high at the center of this tent (about 172 cm, or almost 6 feet, in other words), so you can sit up while you’re inside it without much of a problem. If you’re a shorter person, you can even stand up and stretch your legs. It’s big enough so that six people can sleep inside this tent, with enough space for them to sleep on two queen-sized airbeds. The footprint is 14 feet by 10 feet. Moreover, you’ll be properly ventilated when you’re inside this tent. The reason is that there are 4 windows, all of which are well-sized

Durable and strong

With its build of 75D polyester taffeta, this tent won’t be fazed by hours and hours of strong winds, rain, or even storms. It will hold up solidly to many years of use.


Final Verdict

If you’re looking to go camping with your family or a small set of friends, then chances are a four-person tent is probably a good choice for your group. However, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of such tents that are available. If you find yourself in this situation, then we recommend you consider the following models: the Sundome 4 Person Tent, the Mountain Trails South Bend Tent – 4 Person, and the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent. All three of these tents will provide you with enough durability, strength, low weight, and water-resistant to fulfill your needs. When it’s finally time to go on your trip, get out there and enjoy yourself! Camping is nothing if not a magical experience—for all parties involved.

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